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Tips For Creating Effective Mobile Web Pages

For a long time, the queries sent from these mobile devices exceed those sent from computers and this has affected the way in which the Web design is conceived.

Navigating through the Internet becomes increasingly an experience linked to mobile devices. There is no doubt that, since the mobile device generates the most visits to the Internet, it is, or should be, what is most taken into account when creating a Web page.

The truth is that there is still much to learn and put into practice, because many of those who decide to make a presence on the Internet overlook the obvious, perhaps because they assume that it is already covered, and end up offering a little functional experience to their customers.

You can easily find web page designs that are ideal in the desktop versions, everything is well arranged, the navigation is friendly, but when they are consulted from a mobile device they lose all their charm.

It cannot be said that it is a problem overcome, as well as you see Web pages designed many years ago that presents this limitation, there are also pages designed yesterday that do not comply with the premises of responsive designs and thought of the user browsing from a mobile phone.

Before giving advice, the first thing you should know is that optimizing a page so that it looks good on a mobile device is just the beginning to guarantee a good experience; Undoubtedly, many more aspects matter.

Outlined below are tips that are useful to achieve the goals you have set with your website.

Apply the Authentic “Mobile first” Thought

It is about what you put the design of your website thought in the mobile version as the main axis, that is, that you design your page as if it were only to be seen on mobile devices.

What is still done so far is that, it is designed with the desktop version in mind and then it becomes responsive and that is not the idea of true Mobile First thinking. Keeping this clear, you should consider a structure of your Web page that focuses on the browsing experience through mobile devices.

Tips for the achievement of a good Web page designed with mobile browsing in mind. You need to think this way when it comes to your Web page and you’ll see how you get a better result; Higher return on the investment made in the design of your website.

Make sure you always ask your Web page designer to show you how the page will look on these devices.

Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

Here you are going to apply another important aspect of mobile first thought because you must make your page easy to navigate and that will make the desktop version very different from the mobile version.

In a desktop version, due to the large size of the screen, you can place many navigation elements, a large menu with sub-menu elements and everything you want; even with all these elements the page would not be overloaded or difficult to navigate.

When you talk about mobile screens you understand that size is the problem and therefore you cannot accommodate in that resolution the same menu as the desktop version. What is sought is that the menu of the mobile version is much simpler.

So that this menu is simple and at the same time practical, you must place in it the most fundamental elements, which your user really needs. Of course, thinking about sub-menus is discarded.

In fact, the manner in which the menu is presented must be different. In general, accordion menus are used that are expandable and that makes navigation much easier. In this case, I invite you to reconsider which menu items of the desktop version are fair and necessary; those are the ones that you are going to include in the mobile version.

Design Based on User Experience

If the user finds that your web page is easy to navigate, that is intuitive, that the buttons and other elements are of the correct size, they will feel good using your Web page.

You must also talk about the mobile design with respect to the session of each user, especially when it comes to native applications, that is, you must try to offer in the mobile version, just as it is offered in a desktop version.

For example, in the desktop version it is easy to resume the session where you left it, but in the mobile version (applications), many times the navigation flow is interrupted. If you cannot offer this continuity, it is likely that users prefer to browse other Web pages or use yours only in desktop versions, which may affect the number of visits you have.

Take Advantage of the Features of the Device to Improve the Design

Now that this article has covered the most essential ” mobile first ” thinking, let’s see a bit how you can improve the design of your Web page using the features of the device. For example, with the GPS functionality of smartphones, your Web page can be made much more intuitive, you can have much more information about who visits it and thus adapt to improve your satisfaction.

For example, if you have a Web page of those that serve as a directory, either restaurants or anything else, the fact that you have the ability to know the location of the user, can help you Pre-load options that are very close to him.

The use of these particular features of mobile devices will depend on your creativity and the creativity of the person designing the page, but you will know that there is much that can be done that benefits the user’s experience.

Give it Value from Your Mobile-friendly Website / Mobile Application

Finally, for your website, or in this case, mobile application, to be a success, you must make it clear to the user what its value is.


A mobile Web page is an answer to the growing need of the reality of the users and their access to the Web pages.

However, achieving a web page design that is sensitive to these devices and attractive is not as easy as it seems; The limitations and characteristics of mobile devices represent a real challenge for web page designers who want to achieve an optimal user experience.

Melissa Crooks
Melissa Crooks
Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, one of the leading app development companies in UK, USA & India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app builders. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring the latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column. She also writes for App Development Companies and Top Software Companies.
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