Tips for Nursery school admission

nursery school admission

As you know nowadays daily increasing numbers of students seeking for admission in their academic interest eg- (school) are causing so much pressure on the administration of the schools to arrange and manage the admission process manually every time. It is difficult to manage and it will take so much time to do we can say it’s a time-consuming thing. However, the best way is to manage with online admission process it is very easy and less time taken. Managing admissions can be a huge task for a school administration. There is the School/institution where is the entire admission process is handled by manually, which is very slow and time-consuming but we can fast it by online process. As of now, the online admission process is highly appreciating because it’s very easy to manage & the best thing is you can do it anywhere with your hand & its very less time-consuming process student online admission system will help children & parents for e-Admission to speed up and make processes very easy. schoolAtGo makes online school admission easy.

Nowadays nursery admission is a huge problem for parents as well as children, Pre-schooling is an essential role in your children’s life. It is particularly important and difficult to prepare your child, mentally, emotionally, physically and socially for school education. As a parent of Pre-schooler children, you can do a lot for your children and you should aware of what happening at Preschools and Schools of Delhi. The most important point to remember for Preschool and nursery school is, the Learning skills, Educational Skills, Life Skills, which will develop in your child and it’s too important to know because 90% of Brain Development happens in the age of 5 Years.

A playschool, nursery school is a stunning place for children’s where they spent delightful time nearly about 4-5 hours every day and showing their creativeness between groups of children’s and will be managed by a team of teachers. Playschool gives many moral things to every child and helps them to develop social skills. In every preschool the most important information to know about good habits for children, giving and taking respect to elders, following everyone, speak the truth, and many and many more things. Our goal of Online Admission is to make computerized admission process, its make you easy to find your interest and you can apply online at your home or office & the main benefit is you don’t have to go anywhere; It’s a hassle-free service of your education. Also, the main purpose is to provide the support to the administration of institutions and admission seeker candidates & parents by providing a faster, relevant, and easy way of maintaining any records at the same place with secure and utilize them easily for reference and further any proceedings.

The Nursery school admissions to the best schools in Delhi are a huge task for parents, Nursery admission all set to begin on about 15th December to 10 January. The entire process is starting 2 weeks earlier – parents have a full 3 weeks to go about the admission process online and offline to their preferred schools for their children’s. Almost 50% of the private schools in the city didn’t upload the details of applicants to open seats at entry-level classes, as well as the points allotted to children, on the update on Directorate of Education’s (DOC) website last year. To do an update for better clarification and it will easy for parents as well as schools.

Here is the few important key points you can remember before admission:

  • The admission process is open for 3 weeks onwards 15 December to 10 January.
  • The first list of selected children’s along with the result will be announced by 4th
  • The second list will be announced by 21st February and the process will complete by 31st
  • 25% number of the seats in each school will be allocated for the EWS/DG category.
  • All private schools to upload their admission criteria on their website by 14th
  • The government has also set an age limit of fewer than 4 years to be eligible for the nursery admissions, 5 years for kindergarten, and less than 6 years for class 1 admission.
  • Resolution of queries for parents, by (written/email/ verbal interaction) regarding allotment of Marks and points their children get.
  • Uploading marks as per point system was given to each of the children’s who applied for admission under open available seats.
  • Uploading details of children who applied to the school for admission under open available Seats.
  • Details of Closure of admission process.

Generally, it will take a lot of time to get information manually visited schools to get further information and parents have not enough time to get involved in such kind of activities. Nowadays everyone depends on the internet or they want to engage on websites for an easy and convenient way. With you can find relevant information about school admission anywhere you want, it will play a huge role for parents.

In every year’s session, Large amount of students stand in queues for application forms / collecting admission form and then again for submitting the admission/application forms & they are wasting their time in collecting information’s. This kind of steps make problems in – handle queries, managing the applications & distribution of forms, collection of forms and then short-listing the candidates resulting in interested parents and students whatever they like. Additional to this, the online admission process made everything easy & convenient. And we are from & our motto is to provide everything you want in a single click. For eg:- Guidance for school admission related queries, admission forms, consultation, latest news, discussion forums, etc.