Tips To Choose The Best Security Fence For Home Defences!


 Most of the home owners in UK get fences installed around their properties without giving it a second thought. Although any fencing is better than no fencing at all so as to prevent your house from the burglars. Well, there are even some fences that can work opposite than what you actually want. They might be the ones authorising the unrestricted entries to cross the barriers and enter the property. So, it is vital to find the good security fence that will actually help you protect your home from the burglars. Palisade fencing, timber fencing and mesh fencing are few good options to secure your place and protect it from intruders.

But in general, always look for fence that

  • Does not provide hiding spaces: While looking for fences for your property make sure that you do not prefer having huge solid and tall fences as it provides a space to the burglars to hide at. Always buy fences that allow you to see-through so that you can have a track of the person who is there on the other side of the fence.
  • Is hard to climb over: Get a fence that is at least 8 feet taller but check once from the local authority of your area before installing the one as they have some rules and restrictions that you have to abide by. Make sure that it has a few horizontal and more vertical rails, making it difficult to climb. And last, the fences are spiked or pointed at the top so that one cannot cross it over.
  • Cannot be easily bypassed: Since burglars are very intelligent, always look for a fence around your property that one cannot go around, under it or cut through it. Or ensure getting a fence that is secured into the ground with concrete, is not be able to cut through and also includes secure gate.

Best recommendations to choose from- Metal or Wire Mesh Fencing

  • Metal security fencing: These are the fences that are consisting of tall and thin metal rods spaced evenly. They are stylish and needs quite low-maintenance.
  • Wire mesh fencing: Such fencing is a tightly woven grid of wire that comes in panels hung between the metal poles. The wire mesh fences have many pros associated to them, one of these pros is that these fences are not at all easy to cut or climb.

Use short fences in the front yard

 As known about fences so far, the one of the best options to secure and surround your entire home is to use tall security fences, but for many properties and homes this is either not realistic or allowed. But for the front yard you can consider using small, decorative fences in the front yard so as to improve security. The best tactic is to pick up the fence that is tall enough to get over but not so high that provides a hiding place for a burglar. Short fences help in improving your home’s security by:

  • Serving as a mental barrier: For burglars it is difficult to get into a house surrounded with fences.
  • Making it harder to go unnoticed: It is easy to enter someone’s house but it is harder to get over the fences. Use something that creates sound so that either a passerby or the neighbours can notice the sounds and can help you prevent from the burglars.
  • Eliminating quicker getaways: A burglar will wish to easily carry away the things they’ve grabbed. Thus, make it difficult for them to pass through by installing a front yard mesh fencing in the front of your house.