Top 10 interesting facts about Liquor Drinking

liquor facts

According to the statistics, about 50 percent of people in the world drink all of its alcohol. But even if you are a liquor lover, you might be not knowing some interesting facts about liquor drinking. You might be surprised after knowing all these facts.

1. The most popular drink is Vodka

Yes, you may be surprised but Vodka is the most drank alcoholic drink in the world. This may be because it can be drunk in a vast amount of ways and is the base of many-a-mixers. The best-selling brand of Vodka is that club classic, Smirnoff, originally from Russia.

2. Most fruit and vegetables have traces of alcohol

You probably do not associate getting your five a day with also getting an alcoholic buzz. And in fairness, you really won’t from eating fruit or vegetables, but the fact remains that most fruit and veg does contain a small amount of alcohol. It will likely make more sense when you remember wine comes from grapes, and we have potatoes to thank for Vodka!

3. The strongest alcohol in the world came from Germany

So to put this in context, the average alcoholic content of a beer would be between 4% to 6%. However, in 2009, George Tscheuschner developed the world’s strongest beer which was also the overall record holder for the world’s strongest drink. He would hold this method for nine months until other brewers used his method, which involved something known as the Eisbock method, to develop even stronger beers!

4. Mountain Drew was actually made to mix with Whiskey

A little known fact, but nonetheless, true. The brand, owned by PepsiCo dates back to 1940.   It came about as Barney and Ally Hartman created Mountain Drew as a mixer due to their difficulty finding their preferred soda to mix with whiskey, thus they developed their own. Whilst on a train they met Charles Gordon and his business partner William Swartz, who was promoting a different soda called Dr. Enuf. The Hartman brothers offered their companions a sample of their Mountain Drew and Charles and William set about with promoting the drink, eventually coming to be the big name it is today-though not so much as a mixer!

5. A shot of Vodka has as much alcohol content as a full beer

It is interesting, and often helpful, when thinking about your own alcohol consumption, to note the alcoholic content of popular drinks. Beer, per 12fl oz, has around 5% alcohol, malt liquor in a 12 oz glass will be about 7% alcohol, the wine will be 5fl oz being equal to about 12% alcohol and vodka, which just a 1.5fl oz measure bringing you about 40% alcohol!

6, 6 minutes is what it takes for the brain to react to alcohol

Though it is also said that it takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours after taking the first sip of alcohol for it be completely absorbed into the bloodstream. This can vary depending on if the drink is taken on an empty or full stomach. Other factors that can affect how alcohol takes effect include a persons size and weight, their particular metabolism which varies from person to person, and also the drink, in particular, that is consumed, as all drinks have varying alcohol content.

7. An early currency used in Australia was actually Rum!

All of the imported rum was brought up by the New South Wales Corps officers and they gained a monopoly on it. Governor William Bligh tried to shut it down, but he was deposed in a military coup, which was Australia’s first and only one. This event would later be dubbed The Rum Rebellion.

8. A lot of grapes go into a bottle of wine

You might be surprised to learn that around 600 grapes are used for a bottle of red wine. This is around 3 to 4 clusters of grapes. This can vary depending on the type of wine that is being made, but either way, a lot of grapes need to be squished to make the popular drink!

9. A Gin & Tonic Can Glow!

That is, if you were to place a made-up G&T under a UV light. This is because of the tonic, which contains quinnes, which are actually light reactive.

10. A name for fear of an empty glass!

And lastly, there is actually an officially named word for those who have a fear of an empty glass: Cenosillicaphobia!

If you are living in the UAE, there are plenty of places for buying alcohol in Dubai. And whether you like your beer, know your wines, are into Gin or do not drink at all, you may find these 10 facts about liquor drinking to be interesting.