Top 4 surprising Attendance Management Trends in 2019

    Attendance Management Trends

    The companies are getting smarter day by day with the updating in technological aspects which are helping them out in the management of the company’s human resource activities. In the developing countries like India, we can observe a lot of start-ups which are failing due to mismanagement of the employees and productivity. These are the systems which are acting like a tool to eradicate all the problems which are faced by the company. Serious trouble may be invited with the absence of HR software which is enabled with an attendance management system to precisely measure the employees productive hours in the office premises. The organization which is struggling in their business domain to be successful needs to have a constant watch over the trends which will be contributing to making their environments better for employees operability.

    Companies are paying their majority part of the revenue to their employee’s remuneration, which is needed to be pumped out for getting the best return on the investment. This is only possible through the means of advanced tactics which are adapted for processing all the HR activities. With the introduction of modern attendance system, the world is experiencing a tremendous amount of positive updating in employees time calculation which is now done through robust and non-vulnerable dedicated systems. The 21st century has expanded its wings towards technological evolvement as the cloud era has taken over each and every sector which are demanding the pursuit of betterment. Cloud-based employees attendance monitoring system in 2019 is influenced by following trends which are offered all around the world, get in-depth insights to your managerial and clerical work with these trends.

    Automated Tracking of the employee’s attendance:

    With respect to conventional methodologies of attendance management, the organizations were dealing with manual system of time entries. This management was more vulnerable to data manipulation, biased tampering and proxy attendances done by the colleagues which have to lead the company to observe a remuneration to the employees which they are not deserving. This can be easily avoided through the cloud-based attendance software which will be integrated with the devices used to gather their punching data with respect to location and detailed information. With the support of dedicated portals to each and every employee, the company can make them track their application and productive hours data which can also be corrected if any error is present.

    Mobile-based GPS attendance:

    As we all know that mobile devices are trending nowadays with billions of users around the world and every person this planet earth is now owning a mobile device. This is now evolved with a next-generation monitoring tool which is endeavored by human resource management for efficiently managing their employee’s attendance and productive hours data. This is widely beneficial to the companies which are housing the majority of employees who are always working on the go with more fieldwork. The company can provide them with GPS enabled mobile devices featuring geo-tracking and geo-fencing which will allow the organization to precisely track the real-time location of the employees. Geo-Fencing is used in the creation of a virtual boundary which will restrict the employees to punch their attendance from a predefined location which can be a respective office premise or client location. Mobile-based attendance management software has changed the face of this procedure and there are no chances for the presence of biased entry done in any circumstances.

    Vast Integration to Devices and Softwares:

    Time, effort and resource consumption were the byproducts of implementing a manual approach towards traditional attendance management and was highly unproductive giving birth to many loopholes which were leaking the company’s fortune. Organization irrespective to their operations and size are more focused in saving every penny which they can and they also have to, as this is the only way which will helpful in investing the saved fortune for research and development of the company. Modern days attendance management software is not only smart but they also offer economical conveniency with advance integration towards hardware and software resources. The solution can easily be integrated with the existing biometric devices which will save a lot of cost for the implementation of the company. Along with the previously implemented hardware, the database of all the employees can be inherited by the HRIS the time and effort which was going to be invested in data entry can be saved. Thus implementing an HR Software which is favoring the automation of attendance and payroll management is always beneficial in the uplifting of the company.


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