Top 7 Unique Gifts from Indiagift for Friendship Day Occasion


Friends are the closest people to our heart after our family. As parents day, mother’s day and father’s day is celebrated, there had to be a day for all those idiots who have been with us in every thick and thin and have also crossed limits just to protect us. Even though they don’t say, they mean that you are special to them. So, on this friendship’s day, you must show them that they are special to you as well. Here are 7 unique and cool gifts that you can get for your friends on this friendship’s day from an amazing site called IndiaGift.

COFFEE MUGS: Every person loves coffee in the morning and a coffee mug needs to be cool, isn’t it? So, why not gift a cool coffee mug to your buddy who has been with you for so long and always wakes you up from your daydreaming and asks you to do something? A coffee mug for friends where you can get his picture printed or some quote for him that will touch his heart can be bought from this site and you and your friend will love it.

FLOWERS: Every person out there loves flowers. Nobody can hate the flowers obviously as they look so pretty! Usually, there is no hatred for a specific flower but a specific flower is usually favorite. All you have to do is to know which one is it. When you get to know that a flower is favorite, get a beautiful bouquet made of those flowers and gift it to your friend to see the sweetest smile on their face.

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BRACELETS: Friendships day is nothing without bracelets. Bracelets have been the oldest gift that are gifted to the friends and that is why it is the most special among all the gifts. There are so many cool bracelets for all your friends – whether it is a guy or a girl. You can choose any of the bracelets from online friendship day gifts and get it ready for gifting to your friends.

CAKES: Every occasion that’s special must have a cake so that it can be felt special. As there is no other food item that fits so well with this occasion, you can get friendship day cakes online from this amazing site. The cake is a perfect choice because some part of it will be eaten and with the left out cake, friends are going to play as always. There is no fun if the cake does not touch the face while being cut.

Friendship Day Cakes

CUSHIONS: This gift might sound strange but is surely not. Cushions are cute and nobody would say no to a cushion when it has the pretty cover of their initials or their picture. You can also get a cute cushion with something classy or funny written on it about friendship and friends as this gift is for the friendship’s day.

CHOCOLATES: Everybody has that side where they crave for chocolates. Sweet tooth is a real thing and this occasion is perfect for gifting different chocolates to your friends as they make your life sweet by staying with you and being your side. Friends have always helped you now and then and make the bitter times sweet. So, make their mouth sweet by gifting them their favorite chocolates.

CARDS: When you were kids, you used to make cards for your friends because you had no money to buy gifts for them. As we grow old, we forget that essence and end up making things less strong than they actually are. Cherish the old friendship and old memories by gifting them a card that will fit perfectly with all the things that they do. It will be cool because it is a friendship day gift that you used to gift each other in old times, in your childhood.