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Top Myths and Realities About Online Property Portals

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Online methods are getting popular in the real estate industry over time. In this article, we shall discuss the myths and realities about online property portals. 

Table of contents

  1. Is it better to sell your property online?
  2. What offer you on your property?
  3. Difference between online and traditional means of real estate investment?
  4. Which one is the better, online or traditional way of property investment?
  5. How to find the best value of your property online?
  6. Why is the smartest property portal?

Is It Better to Sell Your Property Online? What Experts Say? 

Online ways are the present and future of real estate in various ways. with every passing day, people are getting busier. Life has become so fast and it has become difficult and at the same time necessary to walk shoulder to shoulder with society. For this purpose, we need to get well aware of modern technology. 

Technology has penetrated the roots of today’s life. From the shaving blade to the bedside lamp, everything revolves around technology. Keeping this thing in mind, the real estate developers also shifted themselves to the online system of marketing, buy, and selling. 

In this regard, multiple real estate online portals are working online but is the smartest property portal among the many others.

What offer you on your property?, in a nutshell, offers you an instant cash offer on your valued property. For the very first time in Pakistan, has introduced the Sirmaya ibuying service. By using this service, you will be able to get our offer in just 48 hours. 

You simply need to fill a form at Sirmaya ibuying website, fill the form and get the cash offer for your property.

Difference Between Online and Traditional Means of Real Estate Investment?

Among many others, there are two most famous means of real estate investments, i.e., traditional and online. By adopting the traditional ways, you need to hire the services of a real estate agent. The real estate agents are middlemen between buyer and seller. 

They assist the clients to find the property they desire. On the other hand, if you use the smartest property portal, you need not waste your time by visiting the property dealer. 

Online portals provide the maximum options and you need to choose only one according to your feasibility.   

Which One Is the Better, Online or Traditional Way of Property Investment?

According to real estate advisors, online portals provide more opportunities than traditional ways. the reason behind this is that with the online websites, many real estate agents are attached. They provide the maximum listings. 

Similarly, in traditional ways, the local real estate agents have limited contacts as compared to the websites. Simply, the traditional way is like a stream and online portals are like oceans. 

How to Find the Best Value of Your Property Online?

There are multiple websites are working all over the world. For example, Zillow is a world-known property portal based in the USA. Similarly, in Pakistan also multiple websites are working and providing services to their valued users. 

For example,, this property portal is no doubt doing remarkable work in the online property industry. They have a unique service and they offer you a cash offer for the property. None of the other online property portals provides you the services like this.

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