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Types of Guitars for Beginners and Professionals

Every guitarist starts with a standard guitar and shifts to advanced electric guitars as their career progresses. There are a variety of guitars available in the markets. The one you choose depends on the stage of your music career at which you want to use the guitar.

For example, an acoustic guitar is suitable for beginners, while the professionals can choose any guitar depending on their requirements. This post shares information on various types of guitars for beginners and professionals.

Acoustic Guitars

An acoustic is the most basic guitar that is used by beginners. Many people buy and use an acoustic guitar as their first guitar. They are easy to learn for the beginners as they have a wide fretboard and six strings. They come in both nylon and steel strings, and players can choose the type that feels comfortable while holding and playing.

Classical guitar

A classical guitar is a type of acoustic guitar that is suitable for playing traditional music. It is most ideal for beginners and those who want to play music with a classical background. It has a wooden body with a big sound box and nylon strings that produces a calm and light sound. That is why it is not suitable for music concerts and events.

Semi-acoustic guitar

A semi-acoustic is similar to an acoustic guitar except the difference that it has a large hollow sound box. It is fitted at the centre of the guitar body and produces enough sound that you don’t need an amplifier in a medium size hall or auditorium. The sound box is made up of metal, and therefore the sound quality is different from that of an acoustic guitar.

Electric Guitar

These guitars are mostly used for playing for rock, jazz blues, and pop music. The sound of an electric guitar is less than other guitars and requires an amplifier to make it louder. Connecting it to an amplifier produces a high volume and bass. The significant difference between an acoustic and electric guitar is that of strings. The strings in electric guitars are thinner than those of acoustic and produce a high pitch sound. The shape of the body is also different than acoustic guitars to make them more comfortable to hold.

Archtop guitars

An archtop is a semi-hollow guitar that has steel strings and is popular among jazz guitarists across the globe. They build of an archtop guitar is similar to acoustic guitars but differ in the internal design. An archtop guitar has an electromagnetic pick-up, and it comes with a pot that is not present in acoustic guitars. The archtops cost a little higher than the acoustic units, but if you are interested in the jazz genre, you should not compromise for a low budget. Go for an archtop guitar to play and learn jazz music.

Twelve string guitar

Most of the guitars have six strings, but this has twelve strings. The player plays them in pairs and not like single strings. Twelve string guitars produce a clear and bright tone, and players need to practice a lot to achieve perfection while playing them.

Resonator guitar

A resonator guitar is quite different from other types as it misses the sound hole that is present in others. It has a circular plate that hides the resonator cone which manipulates the audio like a loudspeaker. As the cone is made up of spun aluminum, this guitar produces a different sound than others. A resonator guitar is suitable for playing in the large auditorium as well as in the open concerts. Many musicians and blue genre singers prefer it as it produces a loud sound.

Electrifying bass guitar

An electrifying bass guitar has longer strings than other types of guitars. It produces high bass than others that makes it suitable for playing n converts and auditoriums. The guitar comes in four string, five string, and six string models. The lowest four strings can be used to produce a wide range of sound notes.

Double neck guitars

A double neck guitar is a unique musical instrument with two necks on the same body. It has one neck with six strings, while the other one has twelve strings. The combinations of strings are different on each neck, but they use the same body for producing sound. The guitar is highly useful for players who want to play a wide range of notes and keeps on changing them that is not possible with a single neck guitar.

Final words

These are the types of guitars used by beginners and professionals. Acoustic, semi-acoustic and classical guitars are the most suitable for beginners while professional like to play the electric and electrifying bass guitars. You can choose any of them from a guitar shop Melbourne according to your skills and experience with playing the guitars.

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