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The job marketplace for the past many years has been unhealthy within U. S. and around the world. One amongst the few job markets that have ne’er very stopped hiring (although it actually slowed for a few time) has been data Technology. within the past year or 2, I’ve seen the number of open positions begin to grow apace yet again. there’s nearly always a shortage of virtuoso IT professionals. It’s no surprise then that an outsized variety of individuals have an interest in getting into the IT field, or that they see Oracle Certifications as a method to try to do this. I totally agree. I’ve got been within the position of trying to fill entry-level slots for Oracle professionals and candidates with Oracle certifications are actually one thing I search for.

What is heavy to me, however, is what I’m seeing on forums, blogs, and certification sites. It seems that a rising variety of individuals, primarily candidates with very little expertise, are searching for shortcuts to Oracle certification. Specifically, I’m seeing a marked rise in candidates WHO are overtly seeking ‘brain dumps’ to use in attempting to pass a given take a look at. Brain dumps are sets of ‘supposedly’ actually take a look at queries and answers from Oracle Certification tests. If you have got either used or have thought-about victimization brain dumps, take some minutes to relinquish the construct some thought. Since no paper is allowed in or out of testing centers, these queries and answers are coming back from the recollections of previous take a look at takers. whether or not the dumps are very actual take a look at queries and answers depends on the recollections of the test takers. However, for this text, I’ll merely assume that dumps contain real queries with correct answers. After all, any candidate victimization these dumps is creating that very same assumption.

Some of the candidates WHO use brain dumps argue that they aren’t cheating, however rather that dumps are merely another valid methodology of learning for the examination. This argument is totally and clearly wrong. ‘Studying’ for a take a look at by memorizing actual queries and answers isn’t learning. it’s cheating. This activity doesn’t provide you with the background data the take a look at is intended to see if you have got. If you’re willing to cuckold a take a look at, I seriously doubt that you simply can modification your mind supported this text. However, you ought, to be honest, enough with yourself to admit that this can be precisely what you’re doing.

That aside, what you as a certification candidate ought to specialize in is this: Oracle certification tests are designed to see if you’re virtuoso with some portion of the Oracle suite of product. This shouldn’t be a shock — associate degree pure mathematics take a look at is intended to see whether or not you actually did your algebra prep, and history takes a look at is intended to see if you were listening once your teacher mentioned the revolution. The distinction is that the folks taking Oracle certification tests do thus as a result of they will work thereupon product. On a typical workday, you’re unlikely to be asked to unravel an equation or to debate the socioeconomic policies that junction rectifier to the collapse of the French autarchy. However, you would possibly fine be expected to get over an info failure, troubleshoot an info performance downside, or write a fancy SQL statement. If you passed your 11G Administrator OCP exams although the employment of brain dumps, then got employment on the strength of that certification — likelihood is you can’t do any of these tasks further as you ought to be able to.