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In Vitro Fertilisation or IVF Process – Step by Step Explanation

IVF is no more a mysterious word in India. Its popularity is keeps rising as there are many films and shows showing awareness towards this treatment. Almost everybody of us is very familiar with the term “IVF”. But some way or the other, we are unaware of the IVF process. We have incomplete knowledge of IVF procedures which highly affect our decisions.

In this article, we will be telling you everything about the IVF process. If anyone wants to know about the IVF procedure, then this article is more than enough. We have contributed this information from the most reputable sources and our personal experiences too.

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is a long process. There is no kind of guarantee that you will get the result in the first cycle. It mainly involves five steps. These steps are very critical, and if done wrong, they can majorly affect your health. These technical procedures are done at the best IVF centers. If you are confused to find one, then choose Aastha Fertility Care. It is a leading IVF center in Jaipur city of Rajasthan, India.

As I have told you, the IVF process includes five steps. Now I will be telling you each step in depth. Sometimes we think, IVF is just only about the fusion of sperm and egg in a laboratory. But this is not the whole story. There are many procedures involved before and after that fusion which ensures the IVF success.

1st Step: Increasing Egg Production

At this step, generally, doctors give some medicines to increase egg production in the body. Females start producing more than just regular eggs. This whole process is also known as superovulation, and the good thing is, it is not a very technical procedure. Females have to take some drugs, which make some hormonal changes in the body.

You can live your everyday life while having this first step of the IVF process. Don’t forget to have regular appointments with the doctor. They will do some tests and tell you about changes happening in your body.

2nd Step: Removing Eggs from the body

The eggs produced in the first step of the IVF process are ready to be removed from the body. This step will be performed in the clinic using some necessary types of equipment. Doctors use a needle to remove eggs from the body.

3rd Step: Collecting sperm

This sperm collection can be done by anyone, either a female’s partner or any other donor. It is ultimately the patient’s choice. If the person has infertility, then patients generally use a sperm donor. Don’t worry about sperm quality. Doctor do sperm wash and only use good quality sperm. And the good thing is quality sperm increases the success rate when it gets combined with quality eggs.

4th Step: Fusion of Sperm and Egg

The fourth step of the IVF process is where sperm and egg get fused outside the body and forms an embryo. This fusion is done in a laboratory. There is no necessary patient involvement needed in the process.

5th Step: Transferring Embryo to Body

At the last step of the IVF process, the embryo got transferred to the female’s body. The patient is advised to take some medicines to make the procedure more efficient. After a few days of the process, a pregnancy test is done to know the result of our efforts.

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Is IVF Process Painful?

All the steps of In Vitro Fertilization process may feel painful to you. Like any other treatment, IVF also involves some pain. Females who have been gone from IVF feel significant pain during injections as they have to inject by themselves, so it becomes more difficult. A better option is to have your partner with you during injections.

Females experience cramping, which is the same as during periods. And other pains are also normal, just like we experience in our daily lives. In the case of IVF, there are more mental health issues. Females are full of stress and anxiety about their results and other family pressures.

If anyone can make themselves happy during this period, then it will be easy for them. Patients can go for a movie or can do anything which they love or make them happy. If they follow this during the procedure of IVF treatment, they will experience less pain than others.

Final Words

We have told the whole IVF process in a step by step manner from start to finish. If I conclude the article, the In Vitro Fertilizations process includes five steps.

  1. Increasing Egg Production
  2. Removing Eggs from the Body
  3. Collecting Sperm
  4. Fusion of Sperm and Egg
  5. Transferring Embryo to Body

These five steps form the complete IVF treatment process. The IVF method was invented years ago, but the core principles of the IVF process still works today. Thanks to this fantastic technology which gives happiness to people.

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