Welcome to the 3G World of IT…



You are witnessing it, you are living with it and you are upgrading yourself to various functions of it. Yet you are not aware of the fact that IT technology has already entered in its third generation. Just like previous generations, this third generation is also bringing its impact over the lifestyle and working style of the coming generation.

What Were the Previous Two Eras and How They Affected the World?

  1. The journey of computers started with mainframe era; computers were big applications, they were smaller. It was the era of experimentation and giant servers.
  2. Then came in the second generation when machines started getting smaller and this time, the focus was more on the customization of the software. It was the era of client-server technology. This era changed the definition of IT solutions. IT experts were in demand, they were developing new software and customizing thing as per the needs of various clients.

3G Is More People Driven, It Requires Participation

You can design a spreadsheet on your own, you can publish a word processing document on your own, and you can even launch a website on your own. This is only the leap in the game, the third generation has much more to offer, this generation belongs to cloud computing, this generation belongs to mobile telephony. This is the time when IT applications are acquiring a social face and penetrating our life with an altogether different tool.

There Is a Change in the Approach of Various IT Companies

IT companies are designing various technologies on a breakneck pace and product life cycle of these technologies is shrinking. However, there is one thing that can be considered as positive. Now most of the application and technologies are spreading at a much faster pace.

Step ahead with the new technology, match your steps with cloud computing, there are many functions that have the power to change your life. 3G of IT is quite simple; it can unleash all the IT functions from the confinement of desktops and laptops and enable you to use them even when you are on-the-go.