What are Hobbies and their Importance?


A hobby is something which we do casually at some point of leisure to overcome boredom. It gives relaxation to our mind and body. It doesn’t work to earn or to any motive. It just gives pleasure to us. While creating a desire out of many ways of rushing our time, we have to make sure this restores our lost energy and cheers us up.

Hobbies play a vital role in everybody’s life and also develop one’s personality. A hobby keeps us active by mentally and physically. Hobbies provide a break from our routine work. If we do our routine work continuously and do not give time to our hobbies the there will be no fun in life and life would become boring. Doing things we like create a positive environment around us and living in a positive environment are good for our brain development.

Types of Hobbies

There are number of hobbies which people love to do. Hobbies are countless because everyone’s choice is different. Some of them are stamps collection, collection of antiques, reading, writing, post article, sketching, travelling, knitting, cooking, photography, playing, dancing, singing, watching movies, petting of birds and animals, gardening and many others.

Something what is hobby for us is business to someone. Something what we do in our leisure time just for fun is profession for someone. Like photography, when we go some interesting places we just love to take pictures to keep those pictures as a memory but for someone it is a profession for living, they are professional photographers who earn by clicking pictures.

Importance of Hobbies

Routine work is commonly drab and colorless. Human mind become dull doing same thins regularly. It needs something interesting.

  1. Hobbies create positive thoughts into our mind and keep us tension free. It is an interesting or healthy pastime. . It helps to relieve stress while enjoying it.
  2. Hobbies make people more interesting and also develop skills. When you develop a new hobby it gives you knowledge about something new and learning something new is very interesting and full of fun.
  3. It increases confidence. When we good at something we just love it to do or enjoy it while doing, hobby is the same thing. It builds our confidence because we are really good in it.
  4. Having a hobby creates a bond with others and helps to build social life. Suppose someone like to help others or poor people, it helps them to know about them, their life, they show friendly attitude towards you.
  5. Hobbies help to reduce boredom. If you have nothing to do, go for a hobby which excites you and what you do with great enthusiasm.

Thus, hobbies are good things and contribute a lot to develop one’s personality. They maintain a balance between our personal and professional life. We should not neglect the benefits of hobbies as it gives us happiness and keeps us physically or mentally fit. Having at least one hobby keeps us happy and full of energy.