For ages, everybody has complained about the quality of education being imparted to the students in the classrooms. However, everyone has ended up becoming a part of the same system in some way or the other. Bringing an overall transformation in the current education system is a distant possibility, but at the micro level, the first step in this direction is to understand what improvement is actually required.

Rote-Learning versus Practicality

The first, most obvious loophole in the current education system is the fact that it produces numerous people who are endowed with bookish knowledge but are unable to put that knowledge to effective, practical use. This needs to be changed because in the actual, cut-throat world, practicality overrides theory. Bookish knowledge does not make you smart enough to face the everyday challenges that life throws at you. Only those who are street smart are able to survive while those who aced their written examinations relying merely on rote-learning rarely make the cut.

Acceptors versus Thinkers

Our education system is often blamed for creating a class of individuals who accept the state of affairs as is without actually questioning how or why. The first basic requisite for creating change or inventing something new is to question the viability and acceptability of the existing conditions. If this continues to be the case, it will be very difficult for the society to move ahead; it will remain where it is today with little or no scope of a bright future.

Over-Emphasis on Academics

Academic excellence is a priority, true! However, when we give more emphasis to a lucrative future with other aspects of holistic development, those with a primary aptitude for sports or cultural activities suffer a great deal. Talent, which is neglected, is often denied the opportunities and as such, we are not making the best use of our resources.

Having said that, it is also important to understand that the education system has a variety of exceptions! Change is on its way and though it will take some time before a major overhaul occurs, patience and awareness is the current route to take!