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Which Hublot Watches Have Truly Had An Impact On The Watchmaking Industry?

Hublot is a globally renowned innovator and architect when it comes to luxury watches. Since its groundbreaking release in 2005, the brand has always been in the news for delivering some of the most exquisite and unique designs in modern Haute Horlogerie. As the years go by, all the Swiss watchmaker does is grow and then grow some more. With now a reputation for creating highly avant-garde timepieces, Hublot is at the very top of its game. Today, the brand stands at the zenith of the Swiss Haute Horlogerie industry with some of the best watches available out there. Here is a brief list of Hublot watches that really define the watchmaker’s goal to revolutionize the very zeitgeist of this generation.

The Hublot Big Bang Referee

The watch made its debut in the 2018 Basel World Expo. It was also the brand’s first attempt at entering the smartwatch segment. The idea of this smartwatch was conceived during an official FIFA meeting. The idea was to create something that would not only keep accurate time but also help referees during football matches. The right chords were struck and Hublot watches for men got a brand new watch in their catalogue.

The timepiece offered features like a 49mm case, an Intel-powered processor, a 410 mAh battery to keep things running, and additional functionalities that were developed with FIFA itself. This will let users know about scores, updates, and news on the go. It will also allow referees to be extra alert by letting them use the goal line technology.

The Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu

When it comes to exhilarating graphic sceneries, it is very much clear that very few names come close to what Hublot is capable of. Perhaps, this is exemplified by none other than the Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu. The timepiece is a real masterpiece in every respect. The watch uses and mixes polygons in different ways to truly bring out the awe in awesome. The most interesting thing about this watch is that the hours, minutes and seconds hands are totally unconventional. The regular hands are replaced with rhodium plated disks of the shape of the octagonal bezel. The outer most disk displays the hours, the middle disk shows the minutes and lastly, the innermost disk indicates the seconds.

The Hublot Big Bang Meca-10

The USP of Hublot when it came to this watch was the ultra-futuristic design and of course, the in-house manufactured 10-day power reserve calibre. The watch looks like something that jumped out of a post-apocalyptic Hollywood movie. If you thought you know what futuristic means, you should definitely give this timepiece a chance.

The watch offers a plastic middle with extensive work on the details. The watch also has a push-piece that works for the quick change strap mechanism. The colour scheme of the watch is as interesting as the watch itself. The silver matte finesse is complemented by the rubber coated crown. Now, coming to the clasp, it is made of titanium and has two safety switches. The watch utilizes the in-house HUB1201 movement which has a power reserve of 10 whole days.

The Hublot Big Bang Blue Sapphire

The very existence of this timepiece is proof that Hublot is crazy when it comes to the concept of the avant-garde. The watch was a part of the Unico collection. The thing that makes this watch an eligible addition to this list is the fact that the case is fully cut out of a piece of sapphire. The impressive thing about this is that sapphire is almost as tough as a diamond when it comes to breaking or scratching. The 45mm case size truly does justice to the hype that the brand created for this timepiece. The dial is another one of the interesting elements, that is made of transparent resin. It not only gives this watch a skeleton finish but also reveals the components of the watch that give it a rather industrial appeal.

The Hublot Big Bang Unico King Gold

This is a watch that is always ready to make a statement. The Hublot Big Bang watch pops out and it stands out. With ample gold and a structure that resembles what would look like if you happen to slice open an advanced sky-scraper, the device is a true horological achievement by Hublot.

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