Why Do Omega Watches Deserve Their Current Market Positon?


Omega has been around the corner for a long time now. With exquisite watches and state of the art technologies, the brand has created an empire that only a few can boast of. Today, the Swiss watchmaker enjoys a position in the luxury watchmaking industry that comprises of only the top tier competitors.

Omega’s story is of a different kind, like many others in its league. The brand started off as a watch manufacturer but with a different name. It was called the ‘La Generale Watch Co.’ and later changed its name to Omega after its 1894 launched ’19-ligne Omega’ calibre got immensely popular. This was the birth of the brand that we see today. But the story is not that straight forward, as the newly born enterprise would have to endure what would be termed as one of the toughest journeys in watchmaking history.

Every Omega watch has a story behind them. They might look like any other timepiece but they represent the very fabric of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Every watch from the watchmaker tells you about a legacy that exudes spirit, heritage, and a cycle of perpetual evolution.

Below are a few reasons that help in understanding why the watch manufacturer deserves the place it is at today.


The performance in the Geneva Observatory Trials was no fluke. Instead, it was sharp, methodical, and well-deserved. Omega owes a lot to its research and development as it is the streak of innovations that helped the Switzerland-based watchmaker achieve such remarkable results. The most popular one that exists to this day, is the globally renowned ‘Co-axial escapement’. The Co-axial escapement is hands down the best thing that happened to the brand. Shock resistance, anti-magnetism, and ultra-high precision, you name it. It would be safe to say that Omega has conquered almost everything there is to conquer in the watchmaking world with their unquenchable thirst for innovation.

Precision Beyond Measure

The Geneva Trials were nothing but a yearly examination for watchmakers that claimed to make precision mechanisms. These trials had one aim and one aim only, which was to test watchmakers on the basis of the science of chronometry. Omega, along with Patek Phillippe was the only enterprise that participated in every year’s observatory trials. The trials played a major role in Omega’s rise to the industry’s top tier. As far as the brand’s performance goes, it could not be more perfect. The watches performed so well that during this time, they adopted the slogan ‘Exact time for life’. If that does not display their confidence, then what will?


The brand had a pretty rough time during the so-called ‘Quartz crisis’. Like many others, Omega too tried to adapt to the new Quartz powered movements but the result was not as satisfactory as many would have thought. Had it not been the bold actions of Nicolas Hayek and the eventual merger of Omega and ASUAG, the future seemed pretty dull for the present day Swiss giant. Today, the brand is back on its feet as one of the leading names in the global luxury watch industry. Some even say that they have beaten the ‘Rollies’ with the release of the new Omega Seamaster.

After considering all of the above, one would have to admit that the Swiss horology icon has had a hell of a ride. Today, it is safe to say that Omega really deserves the position it is at today. However, there are many things that the brand needs to focus on. Lately, there have been many incidents where the brand should have shown better customer service. There have also been cases where the brand seems to be ignoring consumer needs. The best example would be the use of Hesalite in the Moonwatch Professional. The watch is expensive enough to provide a sapphire crystal but for some reason, Omega chooses the inferior alternative instead of the latter, which is a scratch resistant material.

All that being said, the brand is trying to be its best and everybody has their own flaws. Perhaps, that is what makes it perfect. Seamaster, Speedmaster and Constellation are three very famous collection of Omega watches for men and women with best price in Delhi-NCR India.