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Why Is It Ideal to Study MBBS in China for Indian Students ?

There are many students in India who aspire to become doctors but they are not able to afford medical education. China is an ideal place for them. There are many benefits to study mbbs in china for indian students. China can definitely be called as an ideal place to study MBBS if we talk about Indian students particularly. Let us know some of the reasons behind it.

Lowest Fee Structure

This is the major reason for choosing China for higher education in the medical field. The medical universities of China charge the lowest fee structure as compared to the other nations of India, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The reputed medical colleges of the universities of China take only 3 to 4 lakh rupees per year from students who travel all the way to China to study d MBBS from their colleges.

Easy Eligibility

It is very important to know that the medical universities of China do not require extremely strict or rigid eligibility criteria for giving admissions to the students. They only need 60% of the score in 12th class from CBSE Board, ICSE board or the state board. Apart from this, they need a certificate to be issued by the college or university of the home country of the student from where he has done graduation if he is applying for a postgraduate degree program. The medical universities also need the eligibility certificate which is issued to every student by Medical Council of India; whether he is applying for a bachelor’s degree program, a postgraduate degree program, a doctoral degree program or any other non-degree program.

Global Recognition of the Degree

The degree issued by any of the medical university of China is globally recognized because China has maintained highly diplomatic relations with most countries of the world. This is one of the biggest advantages. This means that wherever you go after completing your degree and internship you will be able to make a good career ahead in your life whether you plan to settle in your home country, China or any other country.

International Standards of Education

The medical universities of China maintain the international standards of education in terms of the study material that it provides, the infrastructural facilities, the Hi-Tech instruments which are required to perform different medical operations, the exposure to treat the patients, the seminars and workshops conducted by the international speakers, etc. So please don’t keep in your mind that the medical universities of China at charging low fees and therefore they may not be able to provide you good facilities. The secret behind offering medical courses at such low fee structure is subsidy given by the central government. The subsidy is an amount which is given by the central government to all the industries in order to keep a check at price rise. This is a step taken by the government of many countries for supplying benefit to the consumers or customers.

Easy Admission Process

The admission process in China is very easy. You only have to first of all; select a service provider who can help you fill the application to a reputed Medical University of China and to guide you to apply for scholarship program also. The second step is to arrange for the documents required for admission and scholarship. The third step is to apply for Visa. The fourth step can be e-learning the basic level of Chinese language, Mandarin. The last step is to pack your bags and take a flight to China. Meanwhile, if it is affordable for you and your family; you may choose to go to China and check all the arrangements and developer familiarity with the lanes of China.

Wonderful Campus Life

China offers a wonderful campus life. There are so many kinds of activities. The activities can be related to academic functions, farewell parties, freshers’ parties, International occasions, New Year celebration, local festival celebration, cultural activities, etc. The staff members of the colleges of the medical universities of China are well trained to organize these activities by taking the help of the foreigner students. If you will also go to do mbbs in abroad in China, they will ask you to showcase your talent for singing, dancing or anything else while performing in the celebration of these kinds of activities.

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