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Why Software Testing? Is It Worth Investing?

Software is the Master behind most of the operations of a company these days. Therefore, It is necessary to maintain a regular health checkup i.e. testing of the Software to sustain the good quality of business and keep the bugs out!

For the Software Development Firms, software testing is even more essential to keep a check on the quality of product and deliver a reliable product/service to the customer.

In this article, we’ll answer the common Ws around software testing


Software testing in a way is a method of trying and testing software to ensure that it meets the requirement to qualify as a reliable and useful one.

Software Testing is a major of the following types:

  1. Manual Testing– The testers use the application in the way an end user would, and look for the difficulties that may arise while using the app or website
  2. Automation Testing– The objective of the testing is similar to manual testing, but it is performed by using an automation tool rather than a human himself.
  3. Performance Testing– This is performed to check if the site would perform adequately under the expected workload
  4. Security Testing– This testing uncovers the vulnerabilities in the system and the weaknesses in the website or app through which the data can leak.

Therefore, the idea behind testing is to ensure overall health and of the website or application to increase customer retention and acquisition.


There are several blogs and articles written about this question. You can find numerous reasons that would imply that software testing is essential in today’s scenario.

But, the one I feel is most relevant, is that the biggest strength for any firm is its database. If you have the consumer data, you are the king!

Therefore, testing is required both, for acquiring data and to secure it. Because losses due to data breaches are huge. According to a survey by IBM, the US market has seen the largest number of losses due to a security breach which summed up to 7.91 Million dollars. Big Enterprises like Facebook, Marriott lost millions due to a data breach, to know more, read here

Some other reasons are:

  • To Determine The Quality Of The Software
  • To Avoid Additional Expenses that can be huge if a problem is detected after the implementation of software
  • To Know How Comfortable The Software Is for the consumer to use
  • To Know If The Product has any hidden problems to avoid future complications
  • To ensure that software will not end up as an error


Software Testing is something that is required in most of the aspects of the business.

For finance, a business needs to secure passwords and transactions of the firm as well as the customers associated with the firm

For marketing, again, the customer database has to be secure, as data is the most precious asset for any firm

For logistics, the data of your suppliers and dealers and the transaction data has to be secure.

For customer interface, it should be easily accessible and perform well, to retain and acquire maximum customers.

Think of any aspect of your business, there is at least one use case of software everywhere, and wherever the software is present, testing has to be applied. Either to maintain quality or check reliability.


There are multiple companies present in the market to provide you software testing services. Explore the below list to choose a testing company that best suits your requirements:

  1. Think Future Technologies
  2. ThinkSys
  3. DeviQA
  4. A1QA
  5. QualityLogic
  6. Krify
  7. Testrig Technologies
  8. Kualitatem Inc
  9. Testlio
  10. QArea Inc
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