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Why Use Steel for Sustainable Construction Projects

Sustainable construction is an effort by the construction industry to embrace the concept of sustainability. It is seen in construction projects that factor in the possible effects that the structures will have on the environment. In the Philippines, steel is the go-to material for sustainable construction projects because it is considered to be the most sustainable material there is!

That being said, sustainable construction is no easy task. When you take into consideration all of the points that need to be implemented—getting the right material is only the start!

When it comes to sustainable construction, steel is the best option—and here are the reasons why!

High Durability and Versatility

Steel will always be one of the best construction materials just because of how strong it is. Just a small amount has the strength and capacity to do so much for construction. But it doesn’t stop there. Steel is also one of the most malleable materials there are! You can choose to warp it, split it, or bend it—either way It would still be as durable as it was originally!

Steel is not only used in building projects but can also be used in home projects. Houses that are built with steel frame have usually higher values because it can withstand storms and are built to last. It is expected that if your house is built with still as its main material, your house can reach many generations.

It also weighs relatively less than other construction materials, but can carry as much if not heavier loads! Truly, when it comes to construction materials, there isn’t anything better than steel!

Limitless Recyclability

Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world! It’s composition basically allows it to be reused endlessly. Even when you melt it and refurbish it into another kind of steel product, it won’t lose any of its properties.

In fact, almost every piece of steel used in construction contains a good amount of recycled content. Steel, as a material is never consumed. It is only reused or recycled in a variety of ways. As years go by, steel materials from old buildings that are being demolished can still be used to build new buildings.

Small Energy Cost and Waste During Manufacturing

The steel industry has continuously advanced since the 1960s. Right now, steel manufacturers have invented innovative ways to make steel, as well as its whole manufacturing and recycling processes as efficient and sustainable as possible.

With that in mind, the process of manufacturing steel makes use of all their other emissions such as CO2 byproducts and other byproduct gases as a direct substitute for fuel and as an alternative power generation source!

When scrap metal is used for steel production, special electric arc furnaces are used. In this process, producing new steel products uses up a lesser amount of energy than by producing new steel.

Steel is an Eco-friendly Material

Steel on its own is not capable of damaging the environment. It does not decompose, and in no way does it release harmful toxins into the earth unlike plastics and other decomposing building materials. When it is dumped and treated as garbage, it can easily be salvaged with the help of magnets!

As one of the very few materials in the world that has no implicit negative impact on the environment, Steel probably earns the respect of most people who focus on sustainable construction and sustainability in general. It is widely supported by environment groups around the world.

Key Takeaway

A lot of businesses and companies are going toward sustainable projects as promoted by governments around the world. Construction projects that involves steel materials might be a little bit more expensive, but the quality is long lasting and is environmental-friendly. Not only is steel a sustainable material but is also a great investment for any construction project.

In the Philippines, steel is just one of the many construction materials available in the market. But it also has possibly the best track record when it comes to all the criteria for evaluating a construction material. Add the fact that is incredibly sustainable and eco-friendly, and you have the best option for your sustainable construction project!

Erika Ann
Erika Ann
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