Winner or Loser – Who Are You?

    Winner or Loser ?
    Winner or Loser ?

    You have hundreds of reasons, challenges that are stopping you from achieving success or excellence in your profession, career, and life.

    Before we get to them…

    I want to ask you something.

    Do you know when you find reasons not to do something? Not to learn something or not to try something?

    – When you lack confidence in you.

    – When you feel you aren’t good enough

    – When you don’t believe in you

    – And when you doubt yourself.

    That’s when you come up with reasons and excuses.

    We procrastinate when we aren’t sure about something.

    We procrastinate when we have questions like

    – Will it work?

    – Will it be right?

    – Can I do it?

    – What if I screwed up?

    – What if it didn’t work?

    And so on.

    Who Are

    If you look at those questions

    They all arise from a lack of confidence and self-belief.

    So we gotta fix it before we start learning something or doing something.

    You should believe in yourself. Because you become what you believe.

    You should motivate yourself that you can be the better version of yourself.


    You cannot read one email or blog post or a book and expect the motivation to last forever.

    You should find ways to motivate yourself every day until it’s no longer required.

    Zig Ziglar put it nicely.

    “Motivation doesn’t last. Neither do showers. That’s why they’re recommended daily.”

    And I agree with him.

    Now let us get to the reasons and solutions.

    List all the reasons you can think that are stopping you.

    You can put them in 4 categories.

    – Lack of time

    – Lack of knowledge

    – Lack of English proficiency

    – Lack of money

    Let’s deal with each one.

    1. Lack of time:

    “I don’t have time.”

    It’s one of the most common reason/excuse people give for not doing something.

    Because everyone has the same 24 hours you have.

    You, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and everyone else around you have the same 24 hours.

    How come they were able to do a lot in that 24 hours when you are finding it difficult to allocate time to learn something or write a blog post or promote a blog post or do something else that’ll take you to the next step?

    It’s not possible, right?

    That means only one thing.

    It means you aren’t managing your time effectively.

    If you want to grow

    The first thing you need to master is managing your time.

    You could read a book or blog post while you are waiting for your ride or while you are on your bus or car.

    If you couldn’t read, you can listen to a podcast or video.

    You can subscribe to services like Blinkist where you can read the essence of the book in 7 minutes or less.

    You can do a lot.

    But, first, you need to know where you are wasting your time.

    So, list out how you spend your time, understand where you are wasting it and then fix the leakage.

    1. Lack of Knowledge

    “I don’t know how to do this.”

    “I’m not good at this”

    “I don’t have experience doing this”

    Well, I appreciate your honesty.

    But no one ever starts something when he knows everything about it.

    I didn’t know everything about blogging when I started blogging.


    And you don’t have to know everything before you start.

    We are living in the golden age of information.

    We can learn anything and everything without leaving our room or bed.

    From building a hut to a rocket, you can learn everything.

    All you need is……the desire to learn.

    So, what knowledge you don’t have that’s vital to your success and growth? And what’s stopping you from acquiring that knowledge.

    If you are again coming up with “I don’t know where to learn or how to learn, or I don’t have money to learn” etc.,

    Well, it’s dumb.

    If your success means a lot to you

    And if this knowledge or lack of it is the only thing that is stopping you

    Then you will find a way to learn it.

    If you aren’t doing it and giving excuses, then you aren’t serious about winning.

    So, take a moment and think.

    Are you serious about your success?

    If you are, then you know what to do.

    1. Lack of English proficiency

    “I’m not good at English.” Another excuse.

    Because no one is good at English, we aren’t English.

    It doesn’t mean we cannot learn and master it.

    You aren’t speaking or writing in English because you feel you aren’t good at it.

    And you cannot get better at English if you aren’t practicing it.

    Because the only way to learn and master any language is to practice it.

    It’s a classic catch-22 situation.

    Find a buddy partner who also wants to learn English.

    Get help from someone who is better at English than you.

    Start practicing and get better at English.

    1. Lack of Money

    Another catch-22 situation.

    You cannot learn something without money.

    And you cannot make money without knowing something.

    So, what can you do?

    Well, you got to work backward.

    First, answer these questions.

    How much do you want to earn?

    What skills do you need to earn that much?

    How much do you need to learn those skills?

    Then compare the investment and the return. And then decide.

    Does it make sense to invest the money in learning to earn the returns?

    If yes, then you won’t say that you don’t have money.

    You’ll find a way to get that money.

    You can cut down your expenses and save.

    You can work extra hours and earn a little more.

    You can do extra work and earn a little more.

    You can get a loan from your family or friends when you explain them the equation.

    Somehow, you’ll find a way to get the money.

    I know I make it sound easy and getting the results could be harder than that.

    But, you can get the results. Because it’s in your hands.

    If you want to grow

    If you have the desire to learn

    If you are serious about winning

    You won’t be finding excuses and reasons.

    You’ll be finding ways to win and succeed.

    That’s the truth.

    That’s what separates winners and losers.


    Are you a winner?

    Or a loser?

    Who are you?

    Are you going to find more excuses?


    Are you going to find ways to win?

    You decide.

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