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10 Efficient Ways to Pack and Prepare Bathroom Items For Move!

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You might be planning for your next Kottayam to Mangalore move with the packers and movers in Kottayam and with multiple packing-related tasks in hand; you have not been able to work on some of the most complicated sections of your household – like the bathroom and the kitchen. While the kitchen could be packed gradually with time because you need that space until the last day, you can certainly take care of your bathroom.


You might be thinking now that bathroom, which usually is a small place to tackle, needs not more than 30 minutes, so why are we discussing bathroom packing tips today. Well, hey! You are wrong. Our bathroom is one of the most underestimated rooms because it is not as simple to manage as it seems to be. Even if you have a smaller bathroom, you will see countless items coming out from the space once you start preparing it for the move.

Note: It is obvious that the bathroom is also one of those spaces that shall be operational till the last day, last minute of your move, then how can it be packed early on. But just think, would you need all the bathroom essentials and supplies that are there in your washroom until the last minute. Of course not, right?

So, here in this article, we will talk about the step-by-step process of how you can prepare your bathroom necessities ahead of a move. Keep reading to incorporate the steps in your packing routine:

1. Have a plan. Pick a packing day

• Keep an ideal day for packing bathroom essentials. Remember, you need this space up to the last day of your move. So, have a plan of packing the items that you know you shall not need to get ready on the final day.

• Keep the most important stuff outside – the towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, hair oil, shampoo and pack the rest.

2. Remove the extra and pack less

• While you pack the items, make sure you sort out the items you do not need anymore. The bottles of shampoos, conditioners, and other supplies that are close to getting over should not be packed, at all.

• The more you will pack, the more time you will need for the task and the more money you will spend. So, try to pare down stuff and pack only the required items.

3. Begin with the regular toiletries

• If you are confused about what to pack and what not to pack, we would advise you to keep aside the daily use of toiletries and pack the rest. And, when you pack, make sure to check they do not spill.

• You might not need a few bathroom items particularly ahead of the move – like the hair products, nail filer, body scrub, etc. So, why not pack them?

4. Decide the fate of cleaning stuff

• In case you are not aware, most of the cleaning supplies that we store in our washrooms are chemicals and therefore, are combustible. Do not pack them.

• Few of these items include cleaning bleaches, detergents, floor cleaners, paints, etc. – each of which can be hazardous if transported in enclosed spaces under warm temperatures, during the move. So, get rid of them right away.

5. Time to pack bathroom bedding

• From hand towels and body towels to bathrobes, shower curtains, floor mats, etc. – you should decide which of them you are packing straight away and which ones would go for a dry cleaning ahead of the move.

• Make sure these bathroom linens are dried out properly before they are packed. Packing damped materials would give out a mushy smell and would ruin the entire atmosphere within the truck.

6. Collect quality packing materials

• Our bathroom essentials are usually the most personal things that we simply cannot let anyone else, other than the family members handle. But, for that, we do need to have the right kind of packing materials.

• Since these supplies spill and leak drastically, we need to have an ample amount of supplies that would satisfactorily seal and protect the risky items – the bottles of shampoos, oils, and conditioners.

7. Follow a precise packing method

• We are not pros in handling the complex packing task but there are a few things we have to pack ourselves – the bathroom essentials. So, to make sure we do it the right way, a few packing tips must be kept in mind.

• Nearly all the toiletries should be packed in zip-lock bags. To avoid direct contact from external damage, we must amply use bubble wraps, foam sheets, towels, etc.

8. Have a discussion with the experts

• Our range of bathroom essentials also includes certain delicate items – items that have glass bottles, and other items that are too risky – like the oil bottles, creams, shower gel bottles, etc. that can spill and leak if not pack efficiently.

• Make sure to discuss how they would move the bathroom essentials carton and also tell them about the fragile containers you have in that collection, so they can take care of them throughout the moving journey.

9. Pack and label things by category

• The bathroom is one such space that houses a multitude of items – each of them different from the other and therefore, correct packing and labeling of all these items is a must.

• For instance, there are basic toiletries, feminine products, cosmetics, medical items, cleaning supplies, and various other tools and equipment. And if you have a considerable amount of stuff from each of these categories to pack, you need separate boxes, bearing specific labels.

10. Avoid mixing up moving cartons

• Of all the household items boxes, we would need the essentials carton, the medical kit, and the bathroom necessities box first soon after we have moved. Therefore, we need to keep these boxes handy and separate from other cartons, so they can be unpacked first.

• Professionals you have booked – the movers and packers in Kottayam, would take care of the synchronization and make sure all your goods are unloaded securely and placed in the designated spaces. As you will be there when the unloading happens, make sure you also take note of the packages delivered to you, so there is no discrepancy in the process.

Preparing and packing bathroom items is not easy. It takes time and energy and also needs the ideal strategy to be dealt with effortlessly. Refer to these tips if you are looking for some help!



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