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11 Actionable Tips to Plan a Rejuvenating Yoga Trip To India

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If you are planning to take a rejuvenating yoga trip to India, this article may prove to be a worthwhile read for you. The article contains 11 actionable tips that can be of help to you.

India is promulgated as the Yoga capital of the world. Thus, it comes as no surprise why throughout the year million yogic footsteps grace this land with their presence. Also, India carries within its womb several picturesque and yogic destinations such as Rishikesh, Kerala, Khajuraho, Dharamshala, which makes it all the more desirable country for a yoga trip. 

However, to ensure that the yoga trip in India is rejuvenating, keep repeating these 11 actionable tips in your mind:

  1. Zero Down on One Location: India is incredibly beautiful with a host of yogic destinations. From the mountains to beaches to seas, every corner of India radiates beauty and spirituality. Throughout the year, yoga enthusiasts flock in large numbers to various parts of India to gain yoga knowledge, relax, and rejuvenate. If from the past few months you are keen on taking a yoga trip in India, we would advise you to zero down on one location. Ask your soul what enchants it the most. Mountains or beaches or both? Listen to the voice of your soul and then take a decision. Believe us your soul knows the best! 
  • Rishikesh: With the backdrops of the Holy Himalayas and the green jungles, Rishikesh for a yoga trip is the idyllic setting. The gustling streams, the hanging Laxman Jhula, the blowing divine winds, there is no place like Rishikesh. 
  • Kerala: God’s own country is brimful of treasures that are worth exploring. Spending days doing yoga on clean beaches fringed with Palm trees under the glory of bright sun surely will invigorate your whole body. 
  • Goa: Planning a trip to Goa is always fun even if it is a yoga trip. That’s the vibe of Goa. The blue skies, the flashing waves, the sandy beaches make it all the more perfect.
  1. Look for Pleasant Weather: An uplifting atmosphere is a pre-requisite for yoga practices. And, when you take a yoga retreat in India, bear in mind that a retreat is about yoga and not only about excursions and adventures. Therefore, pleasant weather is a must. Climatic conditions differ from place to place.  Like Kerala usually embraces a moderate climate throughout the year though summers can be sweaty there. Rishikesh is benevolent in the months of March-April, October- November, and cold in December-January.
  2. Go through the Curriculum: Another important tip to consider before yoga teacher training in India and yoga retreat in India is the curriculum. As the name makes it very clear that a yoga retreat is about yoga. It is one good opportunity for you to unravel the layers of yogic science. So, make the most of this opportunity. Go through the curriculum of the school organizing the retreat. Ascertain that the curriculum includes all the important subjects like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Ayurveda, Organic Cooking Sessions, Yoga Therapy practices, Philosophical teachings, etc. Compare the curriculum of different schools so as to make an informed decision. And, select a Yoga Alliance affiliated school for a yoga retreat.
  3. Experience the Adventure Thrill: Fuel your adventure soul when in India. India provides the perfect setting for going venturesome. The undulating terrains, the snow-capped mountains, the clear skies, the gushing rivers, every natural asset contributes towards numerous adventure opportunities. Also, excursions, sightseeing, and adventures are a core part of the curriculum. They provide you with a golden chance to explore, relax, let go, and form a new perspective. Make sure for yourself that you indulge in everything that is required to unwind.
  4. Explore the Spiritual Side: India is a spiritual land. Every wind that blows carries the divine scent. Spirituality is not visiting temples or humming Bhajans, but spirituality is the connection to the sacred place–soul. Yoga retreat represents to you all a way to find and connect with your spirituality. By means of yoga, meditation, philosophical teachings, excursions, unfold your spiritual side, develop connections with your inner self, nature, and everything sacred.
  5. Prepare your Gut for Sattvic Food: For many yoga enthusiasts taking a yoga retreat means tasting bland food. But, that is a fallacy. On yoga retreats, you are fed with sattvic food that is full of nutrients and taste. Sattvik food helps you maintain an ideal state of body-mind balance necessary for yoga practices. Also, sattvic means “purity.”  For the purity of body and mind, sattvic food is all you need. Months before your yoga trip, prepare your gut and tastebud for sattvic food. Start by consuming small portions of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, khichdi, chapati, dal, rice, and vegetables.
  6. Pack all the essentials: Yes.  A yoga trip is a month long adventure, so keep all the accessories and stuff handy. As you will be spending a lot of time traveling places, living in ashrams, and outdoors, make sure you have everything that is needed. For a hassle-free yoga trip, carry the essentials with you. 
  • Clothes and woolens (if you are taking a yoga trip in winters)
  • Yoga Wear
  • Yoga mat
  • Ayurvedic medicines and a first aid box
  • Light snacks and water
  • Torch, books, and other necessary items
  • Indian currency
  1. Prepare the Budget: Do not blow out your pockets in the excitement. Yes! Prepare the budget. Check out the yoga retreat packages of various schools. Do take into consideration whether the cost includes accommodation and other facilities because that way it will be more economical. Some yoga schools also provide early bird offer, try not to lose this opportunity.
  2. Make Advance Bookings: You need to make bookings because the entries get closed soon. It’s usually first come first serve. If you are keen on taking a yoga retreat, reserve your slot and make all the bookings, including the flights as to avoid the last-minute rush.
  3. No Social Media: Yes, please! Refrain from social media and connecting with people virtually. Rather, make real connections with the self and surroundings. Many yoga retreats prohibit the use of cellphones. Even if they don’t, do it yourself. It’s time to focus on the self. Only use social media or cellphone to update your family and friends.
  4. Expect the Unexpected: No pre-assumptions. No expectations. Go with a free mind. Go with the flow is the key. Be open to changes, adapt, learn, absorb new things, make new memories, and come back with whole a bag of myriad, exhilarating, mind-boggling, but beautiful experiences.

These were the eleven actionable tips that would help you plant a rejuvenating yoga trip in India. Hope, you find this article helpful. 

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