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11 Challenges Faced by Corporate Event Planner

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Problems or challenges are inevitable part, especially when you are into corporate event planning. A corporate event planner has to take care of several tasks to make his client happy and content. Believe it or not, happy and content clients come back to you only. In corporate event planning challenges can come anytime. There are challenges which are beyond our control, but the ones which are in our control we should take extra precautions to handle them completely.

Here in this post we are going to share with you the top 11 challenges that are faced by corporate event planners.

Here We Go….. 

1. Arrival of more than the estimated attendees
Undoubtedly, having a large audience is a matter of great delight for anybody. But the same could turn to a biggest chaos also if the corporate event planner miss to make arrangements for the over-audience at the event. Of course, there is always an estimate that these many people may attend the event, but you never know when you are lucky and you get more than what you expected. In such a situation even planner should keep a close track of the social media mentions, event forums and regular activities going on in the event app. So that you can make proper adjustments in advance, in case you see larger number of engagements in all these platforms.

2. Giving no Breathers
Trust me, your audience is very human, which means every human has a capacity to learn, understand, retain etc. if you will try to have a very strict schedule for people, they will get stressed out, which is not a great sign. Your program should be designed in such a way that people in attendance are able to retain and concentrate properly and they have enough breathers such as: tea/coffee breaks, lunch breaks, some activities etc.

3. Having no Backup Plans for Bad Weather
Bad weather is something that can’t be predicted accurately, especially in countries where hail storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes are common. So, if you are planning your event in such a country or city which is prone to bad weather conditions not having a back plan will not only ruin your event, but also the money that a client put into an event to make it a successful one. So, an event planner should always have a Plan B or having an alternative venue to cope up with the situation. A professional corporate event planner will always have a plan B, C, and D as it makes one stand out in case of any mishap.

4. Not having Enough Manpower
The success of any event depends largely on the manpower. Not having enough manpower can lead to many problems on the day of the event itself. Remember that the event day is the most crucial day, you can’t plan anything on that day, that’s the day when you execute. Realizing on the day of event that you have hired just half of the manpower required, is not wise. Exact staffing is the key to a successful event. So, it is crucial to talk to the stakeholders and collect all the information about what they would need for the day of the event. Over and under staffing can lead to a major problem, so be wise!

5. Ignoring the Importance of Technology in event planning
Long gone are the days when you need to do things manually. Today is the time of technology and for a successful event planning, execution and management an event planner needs to be technically sound. When we say technically sound it does not mean that he should have knowledge about everything in the world, no not at all. He just needs to be updated with the latest technology or software that are used in event planning and marketing. Believe it or not, having a sound knowledge of good event management tools or software can help you to stay on top. These tools help you to measure the results and performance of the events that you managed.

6. Working without Prior Experience 
There may be certain things that you can manage without prior experience, but trust event planning is not among them. Whether you believe or not, you have to have experience in managing events. You need to have worked from ground level to manage an event successfully. If you don’t know the nitty gritties of planning an event, then event planning is surely not for you. Some event management companies are forced to shut down because they had no prior experience in the field. For running a successful event management business first you need to work in the field.

7. No Proper Vendor Management
Event planning is actually managing of vendors and get your task from them. If you lack this skill, then trust it’s tough for you to manage it further. If you are not able to manage your vendors then be ready for a messy event. Vendor Management is a MUST HAVE skill for all the event planners, expecting a great event without it – is a dream that will never come true!

8. Not Going by Law
Each country has certain rules and laws set for the events, especially when they are held on a large scale. Event planners should make sure that the government’s rules and regulations are followed, so as to avoid any chaos later. Remember that an event is a pricey affair, and a small mistake or ignorance can lead to huge loss.

9. Avoiding Tiny Details
The entire game of event management depends on the details, be it large or small. How detailed oriented an event planner is matters the most. You cannot just skip anything while planning an event. You have to be extra careful about everything while working for an event. Trust, the more detail oriented you are the more successful the event would be.
10. Not Abiding by the Event Timeline 
Believe it or not, time matters the most. An event planner has to religiously abide by timeline. You cannot simply give an excuse for a delayed project. Event timeline is the first thing that is made and followed throughout the planning and execution stage to hold a wonderful and an impressive event.

11. Not Having Proper Event Budgeting 
Just like event planning, event budgeting is also very important aspect of event planning and yes, harrowing one. A lot of things have to be considered to make proper budget of the event. Professional event planners always compare company’s previous events and assess them properly so as to give the right and customized budget to the company for holding a successful event.

To conclude…..
So, these are the challenges that may arise during an event planning. Plan your event accordingly keeping everything in mind and you are set to stand out amidst your competition.

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