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5 Best Rakhi Gifts for Your Married Sister

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Rakhi is the festival that is considered as a most special moment for sisters and brothers. The festive time is also ideal for expressing the bond of love between the two. On this day, sister prays for the long life of her brother and ties a knot of colorful Rakhi on his wrist. In exchange, brother also gifts her and promises to take care of her throughout her life.

Even if your sister is married, it does not weaken the bond of love between the two of you. This also means that you may have to consider of the best Rakhi gifts for your sister this festive season. With the internet at work, you have multitudes of options available for this Rakhi season for gifting your married sister.

Vacuum cleaner

If your married sister is a working woman or having two or more siblings, then it is best to try and gift her something that can help her with her household work. In case she is more dependent on the maid, then gifting her a nice vacuum cleaner set will be the right option.

One major advantage is that she can even use it after her work at home. Within no time she can get her room cleaned up on her own.

Personalized Quilt

The personalized quilt is one gift that may add smiles to her face this Rakhi season. You can further increase its value by adding a nice selected picture of your brother-in-law and your sister on the quilt. The picture can also be etched on top of the frame to make it more romantic. As the quilt is not very big in size so you can also send Rakhi online along with the quilt. No matter what, you need to ensure that you have selected a nice romantic frame for it. Over the internet, you can find quilt covers that are washable types for the affordable price.

Jewelry set

This Rakhi gift is for brothers who can afford gifting their sister something very special. Most married sisters always have a personal craving for expensive pieces of jewelry. She can wear this on different occasions like a marriage ceremony or even at any party. Select something that is not very much traditional and has few gemstones engraved on it. Even if your sister is a working woman, still she will always appreciate wearing it at her workplace. You can select something that is made up of silver or gold mix with semi-precious stones.


For any women, cookware can be an ideal gift for any occasion, especially this Rakhi festival. You can make the selection from amongst different types of sizzling colors available in non-stick varieties. The moment you gift her a nice nonstick cookware she can get started with cooking healthier meals. A cookware is always considered as best chef’s mate in the kitchen.


If you really care for your married sister, then gifting her a nice set off juicer would be an ideal choice. This is also one of the best ways to ensure that she gets to start her day with healthy juice for her family. This proves more helpful if your sister is having small siblings or kids at her home. You can select from something that is more trendier and modern.

Besides these, there are a number of other rakhi gifts for sister that can be selected this season. If your sister loves traditional dresses, you can try and gift her a nice traditional Punjabi dress that is ideal for any occasion.  Dresses are also best gifts for newly married couples. You can select from amongst different styles and designs available in the market.

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