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5 Conversion Boosting Marketing Tips For Attorneys And Law Firms

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The sooner lawyers understand the value of promoting their services and expertise the better. In this article, we are discussing some valuable marketing tips for attorneys and law firms. These powerful ideas will not only help you in attracting more people towards your agency but also in converting them into users. Most professionals who have just started their practice or opened a new firm cannot afford to hire a specialist marketing agency for lawyers. This does not mean that they cannot promote their firm. They only need a little bit of technical knowledge and lots of imagination to create a powerful strategy for digital promotions.

1. Optimize Your Website’s User Experience

You must have heard of search engine optimization and may have even hired professionals to do SEO for your website. SEO helps bring traffic to your interface. However, all the efforts will go to waste if you have not optimized the user experience of your website. Make sure that your interface is responsive and its loading speed is fast. Visitors like pages which load quickly in browsers and are likely to spend more time on such interfaces. The navigation scheme of the layout must be efficient and people must be able to explore all sections easily. It will also be pertinent to ensure that the design is simple with minimal distractions. All this will help in ensuring that most people will be satisfied with the interface and will be encouraged to take the desired action.


2. Use Adverts To Target Potential Clients

Getting high ranks in organic search results is essential for digital success but you cannot ignore advertising which has its own benefits. Most people searching for attorneys are actively looking for legal help. Paid search ads are an effective tool to target such users. Research your audience to know the terms they use while searching. Then identify keywords with high search volume but low competition and target them through pay-per-click adverts. This will help you in getting in front of people who are searching for services similar to yours. Advertising can also be used to target people who visit the website but do not take the conversion action. Remarketing campaigns can be useful in persuading such visitors to return to the interface and take the desired action.

3. Use Landing Pages To Boost Conversions

One of the most vital marketing tips for attorneys and law firms is to make landing pages a part of their promotional strategy. These pages are vital for conversions and must be linked to all the different campaigns like advertising, social promotions, and e-mail marketing. These pages are focused on a specific practice area or subject. Their content must encourage visitors to take the desired action. Moreover, the content must be optimized with relevant keywords which were used in the related campaigns. Support the write-up with a suitable call to action and use white space to draw attention towards the button and vital text.

4. Create Gated Content To Attract Quality Leads

Another powerful tactic that can be helpful in attracting quality leads is to create gated content. You must have seen websites which ask you to take a specific action to unlock the content. This action can be anything like providing an e-mail ID or downloading an e-book. Attorney websites provide a lot of valuable material like blogs, case studies, etc. to their audiences for free. Some of it can be locked and visitors can be encouraged to share their e-mail address in return for accessing the content. For the strategy to succeed, you need informative material with minimum legal jargon and a compelling headline. The appeal of the content must be enhanced with a great CTA. People who unlock the material are quality leads with high potential for conversion.

5. Provide A Facility For Online Appointment Booking

Including the feature of online appointment booking can be a great conversion boosting tactic. The feature can be used as a CTA to capture visitors’ data as well as requests. This will also shorten the conversion path as users will now immediately schedule a consultation instead of simply sharing the e-mail Id. Most probably, you are offering a free initial consultation. Enable online appointment scheduling can be sued to promote this offer and get potential clients to immediately book a meeting.


Hiring a specialist law firm marketing agency is the best option to handle digital promotions. However, professionals who are unable to hire experts can use these marketing tips for attorneys and law firms to create an effective strategy.

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