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5 exercises techniques for erectile dysfunction

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Today erectile dysfunction is one of the commonly occurring issues in men. It is the consistent or reoccurring ability of a man to attain and also maintain an erection sufficient enough for sexual activity. Research has indicated that men suffering from impotence can improve their condition with just forty minutes of exercise, four times a week. The exercise also improves the cardiovascular health of the person which is quite crucial for treating the condition of ED. According to the report of the American Council on an exercise called ACE, all those men who exercise vigorously for about 20 to 30 minutes were less likely to possess erection problems in comparison to the inactive men.

Since exercise is an extremely good way to boost the circulatory system of the body it keeps the blood flowing smoothly all throughout the body. Regular exercise is also crucial for erections. During the course of sexual stimulation, the tissues of the penis are actually filled out with the blood. Thus without the adequate of the blood flow, the erectile dysfunction problem may occur in men. In a few of the cases, the erection might be weak and many other men are not able to achieve erections at all.

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Let’s find out why certain types of exercise can be utilized for controlling the condition of ED?

 Kegel exercises

kegel excercises

The Kegel exercises for men are quite often recommended by the practitioners as a remedy for erectile dysfunction. These exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. For performing it, the person is required to locate the pelvic floor muscles and then squeeze it a couple of times. You should start performing this form of exercise on a daily basis and just observe the results by yourself.

Aerobic exercises

arobics excercise

According to a research study which has been published in the American Journal of Cardiology, it has been confirmed that certain types of aerobic exercises assist you in curing the problem of ED. Since the erectile dysfunction is being most commonly caused due to obesity, diabetes and also hypertension and all these diseases actually decrease the flow of blood towards the penis. While performing aerobic exercises, the person can improve the overall health and it also increases the rate of blood flow in the body thereby helping you to treat this particular condition.

Pilate exercises

Pilate exercises

This form of exercises also assists in activating the targeted group of muscles and also challenges the person for maintaining the pelvic floor strength when he is moving. Pilates exercises actually focus on the eccentric as well as the concentric contraction of muscles for achieving the balanced stretch along with the strength. This has been found to be effective for treating the condition of impotence.



Swimming is an amazing exercise which helps you out in not only treating ED but also leads to the improvement in general health. Since the penile tissues require a good supply of blood for staying erect for a longer period of time, thus it has been proved that this particular type of exercise pumps up the sex drive by enhancing stamina, decreasing stress and also boosting the overall self-confidence in a person. So if you can actually hit the pool even for two and a half hours in a week you can get the exercise which even reduces the risk of impotence as well.



Even if you have got the blood flowing all throughout your body, it is the best time for you to work on the mind-body exercise too. It has already been proved that the condition of stress actually undermines the sexual drive of a man and contributes to ED. While looking at stress zapping exercises like Yoga techniques which include meditation, stretching and also focus on the breathing, all works as excellent of the stress busters.


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