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5 Niche Markets That Will Benefit from Targeted Online Marketing

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Where marketing is concerned, there are many general rules that can apply to different markets. Where niche marketing is concerned, sometimes targeted marketing provides the best way to match the business to its niche consumers. Online marketing is nothing new but many business owners are now just finding out about its potential for bringing their business targeted clients. Marketing in the online world reveals many different marketing streams that a business can choose to partake in. If your business falls into one of these five niches, you should consider online marketing as it will bring you in many targeted customers.

Family Law Firms

Family law firms specialize in dealing with divorce, separation, custody issues and more. As more families have to deal with relationship issues, the help of a family law firm attorney is more in demand than ever. There’s no denying the fact that everyone tends to need the help of a law firm at some point in their life. With the rate of divorce going up, many families turn to law firms to help mediate the conflicts.

To capture these targeted clients, you can employ the help of online marketing experts. This narrows down customers who are in need of a lawyer to just those who are in need of a lawyer who specializes in just family law. Often, individual consumers aren’t aware of all the branches of law and may be tempted to use a general or generic but trusted regular lawyer. A good marketing specialist should consider how age brackets, wealth, and class tie into the need for family law.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists can treat a wide range of health conditions. Online marketing can help these healthcare providers to laser target their desired clients with ease. For example, let’s say that you’re trying to get more athlete patients who are dealing with plantar fasciitis. You can run online marketing campaigns that are specifically targeted towards athletes that have this condition. Online marketing specialists should use targeted marketing campaigns to assist these sorts of niche health providers and get them more clients.


If you think about it, most towns and cities have one or two gun stores and that’s it. While many major cities tend to frown on firearm use and carrying, smaller cities and rural areas will find them a necessity of life. However, there are many gun enthusiasts and homeowners looking for self-defense options in big cities as well. If a customer who is interested in various firearms can’t find what they’re looking for locally, they traditionally had to travel to other towns. Now, with the help of sites that specialize in targeting niche gun enthusiasts, like deguns.net, these customers can find the firearms they desire at an array of online vendors. Consider how these type of providers need to adapt their ads to appeal to those with an interest in self-defense, sustainability, or hunting.

CPAs for Select Client Types

Sometimes, the businesses that need targeted marketing most are those that really focus on individuals with unique needs. Tax forms can be extremely complicated, especially for people who are self employed or who have other unusual income situations. There are various customer fields that a CPA can choose to complete taxes for. A few examples include individuals, those who are self-employed, and businesses. If you’ve decided that you prefer to work with one field of clients, such as those who are self-employed, online marketing can assist you in targeting these specific individuals. Instead of marketing your services as solely a CPA, you can market your services specifically to those who are self-employed. Targeted marketing can help tax accountants narrow their field and specialize within a specific tax bracket.

Dog Trainers for Abused Dogs

While dog training is not something that you may have considered as having specialty fields, it actually does. Dogs that have been abused in the past by unhealthy owners may have difficulties with your average dog trainer. A person who specializes in training abused dogs is something that people will be looking for online when they run into trouble with a regular dog trainer. Therefore, you can grab up those target clients with the help of online marketing.

Online marketing is opening up a whole new world of getting clients. No longer do businesses need to rely on just word of mouth to make new connections with potential clients. Instead, they can simply enlist the help of a digital marketing expert to capture more laser targeted customers for their business.

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