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5 Ways Video Marketing Can Attract Millennials

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Millennials are getting more and more attached to online videos. Today, they consume video not only for entertainment but also to learn about their favorite brands before making purchase decisions.

As millennials have strong purchasing power, they’re becoming such a crucial customer group to target. That’s why savvy video marketers left no stone unturned in appealing to millennials and influence their purchasing decisions with their video marketing campaigns. 

In that matter, video marketing has now become a staple for most marketers’ overall business strategy. However, it requests a different approach to best reach millennials.

So, here are several ways you can adjust or reconfigure your video marketing for the millennial generation:

#1. Be Concise and Straightforward

The millennials always have a bigger fish to fry. If they have to watch a ten-minute video just to get the juicy bits of information they’ve been looking for, they prefer to just close it and find another more concise one.

That’s why it’s crucial to provide them with short but sweet videos. Even though it has to be short, avoid including all the information at once and shove it to their throat. Instead, start with a concise script that goes straight to the point.

A study found that the sweet spot for marketing videos is around 2 minutes. So, it’s essential to keep your videos around the duration to deliver valuable and engaging content to the young generations.

#2. Optimize For Mobile

Being digitally native, most millennials access all the digital information using their smartphones and other mobile devices– including watching online videos. 

It’s no wonder that the latest video marketing statistics say that videos are watched 1.5 times on mobile than desktops. More than that, over 92% of mobile users tend to share videos with each other.

One thing is obvious here; you need to design it mobile-friendly so you can reach millennials who rely on their hand-held devices effectively.

Mobile optimization means to provide millennials mobile users the best, uninterrupted viewing experience so it can watch the video all the way through. You can start by adding the captions, including the transcript, enable the mute option, and more.

#3. Make It Personal

Millennials know there are real people behind their favorite brands, and they want the brand to show it. 

You need to create videos that evoke emotional responses so the millennials can relate to the content more. You can take a stab at humor or use storytelling to make your brand seem approachable and human.

So, there’s no point in wasting minutes of your video just to tell them about how brilliant your brand is– because they don’t really care about what you sell. They look for your brand’s personality and unique voice that can engage them mentally or emotionally.

#4. Keep It Interactive

Millennials are always full of curiosity. They can’t just sit still while absorbing or learning new information– they want to participate. In that matter, you need to make sure that you give them a chance to get involved in your videos and make it as interactive as possible.

By all means, instead of letting millennials be passive viewers, you’d better encourage them to take action through the video.

From sparking conversation to adding links, you can include many interactive elements in your video marketing campaigns. 

By providing millennials interactive videos, they can grasp concepts faster and retain that knowledge longer.

#5. Make It Social

Social media is a major influencer when it comes to the purchasing decisions of millennials. This is why you better not ignore the power of social platforms to share your videos.

Relying on only one marketing video for all your social media profiles isn’t enough to attract millennials, which is one of the largest user bases. You can do more and get more than that.

Try also to utilize the live-streaming, post Stories, or upload native videos on those social media platforms. That way, you can boost your video marketing presence and improve brand visibility to attract more millennials.

Wrapping Up

Dubbed as the most powerful consumer cohort in history, millennials have now become a must-include demographic in overall business marketing. However, their internet-savviness and skeptical approach towards brands make them such a unique demographic to crack.

Luckily, though, the fact that they are attached to online videos brings some video marketing lights. More and more businesses tap into video marketing campaigns to connect with this purchasing powerhouse. 

With video marketing and some essentials best practices above, you can now attract millennials and convert them seamlessly into loyal customers with stunning videos.

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