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6 Factors That Determine The Cost Of Janitorial Services

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Cleanliness is an important virtue in business. A sparkling environment encourages staff health, attracts new talent, and makes your office appealing to potential customers. However, maintaining a clean office requires regular cleaning with the right equipment and expertise. Your staff obviously lacks these. So, enlisting the services of a professional janitorial team is necessary but it comes at a cost. Read on to discover how the janitors arrive at the cost of their services.

Square footage

The size of your office allows for determining the appropriate cost for janitorial services. Cleaning a large office obviously costs more than a smaller office. However, the cost goes down when you want only particular areas cleaned. You can request to have the general office cleaned by professionals and the back office by office staff.

The nature of the area for cleaning determines the overall janitorial service cost. Places with vinyl coated or laminate tiles are cheaper to clean. However, others that need special cleaning methods and equipment cost a bit more. The ideal janitorial cleaning company will ask for all the details regarding your requirements. This allows giving you an appropriate quote for the project.


Distance from the janitorial service company determines your overall budget. Enlisting the services of an out-of-town company is likely to hike your budget. This is because of the contractor factors in the transport cost to your location.

The rule of thumb is to find cleaning service in Houston Texas for a lower budget. A local company doesn’t incur high transport charges to reach your location. So, you get to enjoy a lower budget for janitorial services.

Another benefit of working with a local janitorial company is the basic knowledge of area cleaning requirements. Local service providers are more likely to fully understand the best way to keep your office clean. With less guesswork, giving you a more accurate quote for the project becomes easier. Additionally, local service providers clearly understand workplace health and security regulations to ensure a clean job.

Facility type

The cost of janitorial services depends on the nature of your facility. Each business facility has particular cleaning needs since the extent of the exposure is not the same. Areas that receive low foot traffic are cheaper to clean for having limited chances of dust, dirt, and germs. And, areas that are regularly cleaned tend to be cheaper when you call professional janitors.

Places like medical facilities and education institutions need specialized cleaning equipment and materials. This makes cleaning such spaces to cost a bit more. The contractors tend to factor in the cost of these materials when making a quote for the project. Spaces that need regular cleaning materials and no specialized equipment require a lower budget.

Cleaning Supplies and equipment

Making your establishment sparkle requires using a blend of cleaning products and equipment. Keep in mind that it is very important to stick to green products today. And, some areas need specialized cleaning products and equipment.

The complexity of cleaning materials and equipment determines the overall cost of the project. When your space needs special cleaning products, you are likely to pay a bit more to cover the extra cost.

Cleaning frequency

Another reason that determines your budget for janitorial services is the frequency. You are obviously to pay more when you want the service regularly. The cost is less when you want cleaning after a particular period. However, the trade-off is ending up paying more during the course of the year. You need a professional opinion regarding how often you need janitorial services.

The initial budget for the services will pay off significantly when you notice a limited number of employees becoming sick. A clean office protects staff and visitors from allergies and other breathing problems. Regular cleaning will limit medical expenses and calling in sick to boost productivity. These savings will offset the initial cost for janitorial services while allowing you to maintain a clean work environment.

Time of the year

Just like other businesses, demand for janitorial services can go up or down. Business owners usually request for janitorial cleaning more during summer and after winter. The high demand makes service provides to hike the cost of their services. And, you have to book to have your office cleaned.

Therefore, when looking forward to having your office professionally cleaned, your budget will depend on the time of the year. When looking forward to lowering your budget, book janitorial services during the low season.

Bottom line

Calling a janitorial cleaning team gives your office the proper shine it needs. These come with the expertise, experience, and appropriate equipment to handle the job. However, you need a budget for the service. Understanding the factors that determine the cost of janitorial cleaning helps. It makes it easier for you to know the expected cost before the cleaners finally arrive.

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