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6 Vital Tips to Help You Sport the Right Jewellery with Saree

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There is no harm in accepting that the saree is one of the most elegant and versatile attires that has won over the hearts of women since time immemorial.

Naturally, it is essential that we cherry-pick the right jewellery for wearing with our much-loved outfit as the entire look of the saree will depend on the ornaments that you wear.

The rich assortment of sarees calls for a stunning diversity of fashion jewellery as well and thankfully, there is no dearth of jewellery variety in the market today. But it is essential that you make the right choice as the ornaments are empowered to make or break your look.

The length, designs and fabric of the saree – all details have to be taken into account to select the right kind of accessories.

While it can be quite challenging to pick the appropriate pieces, here is a guide that will help you achieve your desirable look while draping the coveted saree.

Take a look.
  • Consider the Border of the Saree – You can concentrate on the border colour of the saree to select your accessories. Most of them come in Beige, Golden or Silver shade. For the Beige and Golden bordered saree put on the Gold-plated jewellery. The Oxidised Silver, White Stone and Diamond counterparts are perfect for the silver bordered sarees. Now, if the border shade is of some other shade, you should go with the ornaments of the same colour which will help you to look your best.
  • The Earring- Kada Combo – Here is a formula that never goes wrong with a saree. Wear the bangle or kada and style it up with fashion earrings that go with the bling worn around your wrist. This is one combo that women love to purchase and this can definitely help them flaunt their fashion sense better.
  • The Type of Saree Also Matters – Fancy sarees can be mixed and matched with the stone-studded, kundans, silk-threaded and beaded jewellery. Silk and kanjeevarums go well with the gold ornaments usually. But you can also try the high-end statement jewels in this case. The Oxidised Silver is the best choice for the cotton sarees. If you are wearing a heavy-work saree then simple jewellery is a mandate. Also try to keep it minimal. So if you are wearing a chunky earring, skip the necklace. Similarly, pair up a simple saree with the heavy statement jewellery.
  • Waist Belts are the New Trend – Once the ancient classic, the waist belts are back in trend. They actually serve the dual purpose. They do not just create a bold fashion statement when worn with a saree but also provide a slender appearance to the wearer. While the silver and gold waist belts go hand-in-hand with sarees, the stone-studded belts or kamarbandhs can also accentuate your saree look.
  • The Jhumka and Ball Long Chain Combo – While the wrong choice in jewellery can wreak havoc on your entire outfit no matter what you wear, the right one can bring out the latent beauty. In other words, you should make the selection of the ornaments after proper evaluation. So whenever you are in two minds or confused, opt for simple jhumka and ball-long necklace combo. This is an ideal choice of Indian ensemble that always goes well with the saree.
  • Statement JewelleryThe Ultimate Saree Accessory – Statement jewellery is anything that is worm, gaudy and is worn with the intention of getting noticed. As it almost hails for attention, it portrays a special personality of the wearer based on her preferences. As today’s era is all about being bold opt for statement jewellery online or from the store and pair it up with the minimalistic bracelets for accentuating the look. Afterall, the Vicorian era is all set to make its reappearance and the women of age are making the most of this.

These are just some nitty-gritties that you can take into consideration to keep your best foot forward while draping the age-old Indian-wear that never goes out of style and has withstood the test of time with flying colours – the most sought-after attire – the saree.

Go girl and slay it like a boss!

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