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A Complete Guide To Low Brokerage Fee In India

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For stock investors, brokerage is always the most concerned element when it comes to investing in stocks. Since stock investments are primarily about making big gains on investments, there is no point in reducing the returns by paying heavy brokerage. 

This is why a majority of investors look for lowest brokerage charges in India. If you are not sure what does lowest brokerage in India mean, you will get to know everything here in this post. 

What Are the Lowest Brokerage Charges in India?

When the total brokerage computation is less than the amount specified, the lowest brokerage charge is the least brokerage amount that traders must pay. The least amount of brokerage is charged if the computed brokerage is less than the minimum brokerage set by the stock broker.

The biggest stock regulatory body in India, SEBI (Security and Exchange Board of India) has established criteria for the greatest and lowest brokerage costs that traders on the Indian stock exchange may incur.

A stockbroker may only apply a maximum of 2.5% of their brokerage; no stockbroker may apply more than that amount. Stockbrokers are free to set their own prices for the lowest brokerage fees, subject to no restrictions.

Why Lowest Brokerage Charges in India Are So Important?

At a time when the concept of discount brokerage is quite prevalent in the stock investment sector, it makes no sense to spend huge amount on brokerage particularly when you are able to do stock investments on your own.

There are many discount brokers in India that provide different types of brokerage models like zero brokerage, fixed brokerage model, and percentage-based model. Depending on your specific stock investment needs, you can choose a particular stock broker with the lowest brokerage charges in India.

Another reason behind choosing the lowest brokerage charges in India is that it allows you get more out of your investment since your returns don’t get affected by the brokerage you pay the stockbroker. 

So, now you have a basic idea of the discount brokerage, it’s time to know more the top stock broker with the lowest brokerage charges in India.

1. Mirae Assets

Mirae Assets is one of the best discount brokers in India and offers zero brokerage model to investors registered with the broker. There are two brokerage plans offered by the stock broker – Rs. 499 and Rs. 999.

Both these plans aim to make stock trading more affordable and easier for investors. The stock broker offer a new-age trading platform – m.Stock which is loaded with all wonderful features that are needed for a seamless stock trading experience. 

When it comes to choosing the lowest brokerage charges in India, Mirae Assets tops the chart with its amazing brokerage plans. 

2. Zerodha

Another popular stock broker with affordable brokerage is Zerodha, which needs no introduction. Zerodha is flat-fee stock broker in India for trading stocks, currencies, and commodities. 

The lowest brokerage charges in India for internet trading are INR 20 or 0.01% of each executed transaction. Brokerage fees are not levied against delivery trade businesses. Because there are no brokerage fees, this is the greatest stock broker for investors.

Zerodha offers free equity delivery, innovative stock trading platform, max brokerage is Rs. 20, excellent customer service, and direct mutual fund investment. There is zero brokerage for equity delivery.

3. Upstox

Popular discount broker RKSV Securities, often known as Upstox, offers minimal brokerage fees to Indian investors in stocks and commodities. RKSV securities provide five free transactions every month in addition to INR 20 per trade. 

They are one of the fastest-growing bargain stock brokers in India over the past two years and do not charge ISB readers. It is also the best option for traders seeking the lowest brokerage fees in India, respectable trading platforms, and large margins (up to 20X).

Regardless of transaction volume, you would only need to pay INR 20 to trade intraday, F&O, currencies, and commodities. Upstox now offers a 0% brokerage offer for 30 days upon creating a new account. For the upcoming trade, you will have brokerage-free trading flexibility.

4. Wisdom Capital

Wisdom Capital is an online discount brokerage company that was established in 2013. It provides the lowest brokerage fees in India for NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX equities, futures, options, currencies, and commodities. Wisdom Capital provides automated online investing in the BSE and NSE as well as broker-assisted transaction execution.

They offer free or very inexpensive tools for making wise choices and significant profits, such as live data, charting, and other related resources. Additionally, it offers funding for these commodities and valuable metal futures via any of its trading platforms without compromising the security of the precious metals.

5. Angel One

Angel One offers zero brokerage equity delivery trading. Angel One charges 0.25% of the transaction value for equity intraday, F&O, currency, and commodities, and a limit of Rs 20 per order for brokerage. Apart from the brokerage, investors are required to pay additional transaction and regulatory fees, as well as Demat expenses.

The Conclusion

Comprehending brokerage fees is essential for thriving in Indian stock dealing. These fees have the potential to have a big effect on your total profitability and trading expenses. It’s important to carefully analyse the brokerage fee structure, extra costs, and the total services offered by the brokerage business, regardless of whether you pick a standard full-service broker or a discount broker.

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