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Advantages of Distance Learning Programs for JEE and NEET

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Undergraduate medical and engineering are the two main streams that the students opting for science subjects under the 10+2 curriculum in India, i.e. senior secondary education generally opts to prepare for. Additionally, after the merger of major pre-engineering and pre-medical entrance examinations of India these two examinations JEE and NEET. These examinations have become highly competitive, as numerous students from all across the India fight for these two national level exams.

Now if we look for the preparatory ways that the student takes up, you will find that on a broader level there are two preparation modes. First one is the conventional classroom program either through individual subject coaching or through the best coaching in Kota or other prime cities that offers preparatory classes at one place. On the other hand, the second one is the distance learning courses that the students join to prepare for JEE or NEET.

The classroom coaching programs for JEE and NEET are always glorified and highly marketed, whereas there are also distinct advantages of distance learning programs for JEE and NEET. So if you are the one who is planning to prepare for NEET or JEE then you should compare and contrast between these two alongside your needs, to make the best choice for yourself.

Therefore to aid your search for the right preparatory resources, we are listing below few advantages of distance learning programs for JEE and NEET.

Prepare for JEE OR NEET while studying at school

There are certain marks requirements that a student should get at the 12th standard (or equivalent) board examination in order to be eligible for NEET or JEE. Additionally, marks scored in 10+2 board examination are considered as important eligibility deciding factor in other higher studies in future prospects. Therefore the students who have to take board exams, as well as the entrance test like NEET or JEE, are burdened to prepare and perform well in both boards as well as entrances.

So if a student doesn’t want to ignore their class 12th board examination, and want to focus on the entrances as well, then the distance learning programs for JEE/NEET can be the best choice. Earlier to the advent of the online learning aspect, the distance learning programs used to comprise study material in the form of printed books test series and other printed study resources like class notes etc. However, after the evolution of online learning format, the online learning aspects of distance learning have made it equally efficient as that of classroom coaching. Thus distance learning programs for NEET or JEE is enough to fulfill the required needs of learning resources.

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Easy-to-Comprehend Content

The Distance learning courses for IIT JEE and NEET provided by the best IIT and medical coaching of India generally put forward their exact learning resource that they deliver in their classroom programs. For instance, the career point offers a wide variety of learning resources like IIT JEE Video Lectures, NEET Video Lectures, JEE and NEET Test series, ranker’s packages to achieve top ranks and numerous others. These are designed by the experienced and learned faculty members of Kota, in a way that is easy to comprehend.

Easy accessibility right from home

Distance learning courses for NEET and JEE popularly shortened as DLP Courses for NEET and JEE are either delivered in periodic installments or whole of the material together in a single time. Additionally, if a student opts for a DLP in a fully digital format then he or she doesn’t bother about collecting the parcel from the courier or post and wait for the material. He can get access to the resource instantaneously in considerable real-time, as soon as he completes the payment and other required formalities.

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Access to the practice tests in an exam like environment

One of the main advantages of classroom coaching programs is that they build up a competitive environment. For which they keep their students testing periodically through an exam like condition, be it the offline testing format as used in NEET or the online CBT mode of the test as practiced in the JEE Main and JEE Advanced examination. The component that used to miss earlier in distance learning courses of NEET or JEE.

However, in the current scenario, the students of distance learning program for NEET and JEE are provided with the excess to the test centers located nearby to their home place. Also, if the testing format is through computer-based test then they are provided with the credentials to take tests on their device from home itself.

Thus If you are planning to handle your school studies as well as entrance examinations like NEET or JEE, then the distance learning programs for NEET and JEE can serve as a great preparatory resource. The option that provides you with a majority of benefits which the students of classroom coaching get without any constraints.

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