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Advantages of Three Popular Types of Commercial Roofing

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Even though to most users, it appears that a roof is merely a roof, however, it’s worth noting that each roofing type has its unique features, positive and negative points apart from their procedure of installation and endurance. When it comes to choosing commercial roofing, its installation, replacement, or maintenance, as a commercial building owner, always consider working with professional commercial roofing in Albuquerque that not only uses high-quality materials but equally complete the roofing installation with full responsibility and effectiveness. In this article, we’re intended to discuss three popular types of commercial roofing systems and how they can make you benefited in the short and long term.

Commercial TPO membrane materials

Thermoplastic polyolefin is among the hottest types of commercial roofing membrane popularly known as TPO and has been esteemed in commercial facilities for being an affordable, long term and cost-effective alternative to PVC roofing.


• With high-class durability and versatility, TPO membranes are found ideal for commercial roofing in Albuquerque to generate custom-made edge-to-edge roofing fabrication simple, efficient, and economical. Its degree of flexibility comes in handy to roofing experts to stretch the materials and prepare it according to the upper structure of any commercial setting.

• Another great plus point of TPO is that they’re 100% and recognized as ‘green’ home solutions to commercial owners having an intense eye to environmental concerns.

• The commercial TOP membranes are smooth and 100% horizontal making it wonderful for moving water pulling off the roof. The suppleness of the material enables specialized commercial roofing in Albuquerque to bend or mold it matching to any roof design. Its lightweight also puts reduced stress on the structure of the building compared to other roofing types.

• Both suppleness and light color of the TPO membrane works in combination while reflecting UV caused heat away from the setting and keeps it cool. Potential buyers can find the roofing items a wide variety of colors like white, gray, red, green, light blue, and more.

Commercial PVC membrane roofing

Amidst the most popular commercial roof types, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is another demanding roofing solution today.


• With greater permanence, durability, and fire-resistive properties, PVC roofing membrane has earned high popularity in the global market. Being flame-tested next to similar kinds of membranes, PVC is acknowledged fitting to all types of commercial facilities, be it an industrial house, corporate workplace, financial establishment, or commercial kitchen.

• Whereas TPO and EPDM commercial membranes are susceptible to flame and continue to burn, deform and melt, the PVC membrane will act surprisingly as a self-extinguisher in case of burning. Notably, rooftops often become the cause of commercial burning. In case of such an accident, it leaves you with no other options but to replace the entire roofing materials or having comprehensive repairing.

• In addition to this, PVC is highly resistant to chemical exposure, moisture, and acid-rain apart from wear-and-puncture and possible splintering due to external causes.

• With light-colored membrane and thicker insulation sheets, the roofing types are energy efficient. Thereby, they are chosen extensively by commercial building owners with reduced costs on heating and cooling bills in hotter places.
Commercial EPDM membrane roofing

EPDM an acronym refers to Ethylene Diene Methylene is a considerably durable, darker synthetic rubberized commercial roofing material chiefly recommended and used by professional commercial roofing in Albuquerque for flat and low-sloped roofs.


• Even though most EPDM rubber roofing systems are black, it’s also available in a white coating which naturally helps reflect the harsh UV rays to heat off of a rooftop while keeping the interior cool and relaxing. The benefit also reduces the use of heating and cooling tools while lessening the cost of an energy bill that you spend especially during the extreme summer days.

• With rubberized properties, the commercial roofing in Albuquerque can be easily stretchable and helps experts to make it well fitted on any commercial roof types.

• Remarkably, the EPDM commercial roofing membrane has been used by millions of commercial settings for more than 60 years and has an excellent track record as an ideal commercial roofing solution.

• Having a darker color makes it a great choice for a cooler climate since darker color can absorb and sustain heat effectively while keeping the interior warm in the winter. The durability of the rubber makes it an excellent protective material from the weather for all extreme climatic conditions.

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