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Homeroad tripRoad Trip Ideas: 5 Best US National Parks

Road Trip Ideas: 5 Best US National Parks

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The United States of America has plenty of natural wonders. Mountain ranges, high waterfalls, volcanoes, and deserts are part of the national parks available for a trip with children. 

If you want to have a great family time in the wilderness, rent a car and head to one of the many US national parks. As a rule, they have a well-developed infrastructure and an excellent road network, which makes it easy to get around by car. 

Of course, for your trip you will need a suitable vehicle – a spacious 7 or 8 seater rental minivan is perfect for this purpose, providing comfort for every passenger. Among all the national parks in the United States, we recommend taking your children to the following destinations:

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park: North Rim: Muted Sunrise From … | Flickr

Is it possible to look down from the top if you haven’t climbed the mountain? Yes, it is. Travel to Arizona and stop at the edge of the Grand Canyon, then look down from the 1,500-meter-high landmark. 

When traveling with children to a popular natural attraction in the United States, there are several important aspects to consider. Firstly, it’s situated very far from the big cities. Secondly, the nearest major airports are Las Vegas and Phoenix. Yes, there are tiny airfields closer, but they only accept charter business jets. So book your car rental in the most convenient pick-up spot for you. 

A trip to the Grand Canyon will take 4-5 hours, and during this time your children can get some sleep. Entry to the territory of the national park is paid and is valid for a week. In the park itself, you can rent a comfortable apartment, suitable for both you and your child.

A trip to Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, WY | Yellowstone National Park, W… | Flickr

This is the oldest park in the United States, which is great for traveling with children. It takes 16 hours to reach it with your car from Los Angeles, so consider other cities as a starting point. Some of Idaho and Wyoming’s destinations are placed much closer. You will need 2-3 hours to drive from there to Yellowstone Park. 

When paying the entrance fee, pay extra for the right to see another pearl of the United States located nearby – the Grand Teton National Park

You can spend the night right at the campsite. However, motels remain the most popular place to stay in the area. The park is not only the famous geysers of America. Its attractions include herds of bison, grizzlies, and other animals that live in it.

Yosemite National Park

Valley View Sunset, Yosemite National Park | The features in… | Flickr

Parents often ask if it makes sense to go to Yosemite Falls with kids. The place is very beautiful, but the high popularity of the attraction and the small amount of housing options in the area makes it somewhat difficult to travel with children. 

Lodges and hotels scattered in this part of America can be the solution to the problems. However, it’s necessary to choose a low season, for example, early spring. Then there will be more rooms, and the waterfalls will be fuller. Plus, car rental prices will be also attractive. Only first you need to draw up a route, deciding which part of the local sights to see.

Monument Valley National Park

Monument Valley National Park - Free photo on Pixabay

Your kids will like the Martian landscapes, often used by Hollywood gurus for blockbusters and westerns. This giant plateau of wind-blown rocks belongs to the Navajo Indians and has long been a popular tourist attraction in America. 

You can get to Monument Valley in four hours from Phoenix. For this, drive your rental car along the only road leading to Flagstaff. On the territory of the attraction, there are Indian campsites, which provide the usual list of services for travelers. Navajo Indians entertain the children in the park and also offer horseback and jeep riding on the plateau.

Sequoia National Park 

Tunnel Log, Sequoia National Park | Ming-yen Hsu | Flickr

This park is considered to be the best family-friendly nature getaway, and many parents decide to bring their children to an amazing place full of giant trees. 

Rare mammoth trees grow in this part of America. Children will appreciate the century-old sequoias and other ancient trees in the park. The fallen giants are turned into natural arches with tunnels for the passage of cars. You will also see the main attraction of the park, which is three thousand years old. General Sherman is the largest tree in the world.

Sequoia National Park is the first major natural sight on the way from Los Angeles, but it’s also easy to get there from San Francisco. A car rental trip from both cities will take about four hours.

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