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Do I Need A Building Permit To Install A New Metal Carport?

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After having a look at a lot of carport designs, styles, and materials, you have finally decided to install a metal carport on your property. But as it happens with everyone, you have a lot of questions regarding IBC rules, local building codes, or zoning laws and permits.

Are you struggling to understand permit laws and codes? Don’t worry. We have you covered. Here, we are going to discuss some of the basic questions that may arise in your mind while buying a steel carport. So, let’s go. 

What Is a Building Permit?

You get legal permission from the local authorities to start construction work on your property. The job of a permit is to ensure that your building design follows local building guidelines, HOA rules, or local zoning laws.

Note that according to International Building Codes (IBC), a carport is a structure that must be entirely open from at least two sides. If not, it would be considered as a garage. So, if you prefer to enclose your metal carport for extra safety, you can partially or fully cover it from two sides.

What Does It Do?

It analyzes your building design, size, and lot area to find out if they comply with the local building codes and guidelines.

Where To Get It From?

You can search your local zoning law website or visit their office during working hours to learn about the details.

Is It Mandatory?

It depends… in most cases, getting a building permit for a carport is crucial. There are some local rules that may exempt you from a permit if it is less than 200 sq. ft. or a garden/ tool shed. However, you must know that these rules vary with state, county, and city.

What If I Don’t Apply For A Permit?

You can face issues that we listed below:

  • Safety concerns may arise for you, your family, and your neighbor.
  • There may be a fine; in the worst case, you may be asked to remove the whole structure from your property.
  • It would be hard to sell the property if the construction process is not followed legally.
  • Your neighbor may file a complaint, and you have to bear the penalty.

How Much Do I Have To Pay As Permit Fee?

The permit fee depends upon the following factors:

  • Size of your metal carport
  • Installation location
  • Your local neighborhood

Depending upon the above factors, you can expect to pay $75 to $300 as a permit fee. Note that a temporary carport or one with a smaller size may not require any permit. However, this largely varies with location.

For example, In Houston, TX, you can expect to pay $50 to $300 for small renovation works like fencing, decks, electricity, plumbing, etc. The permit fee for installing a large structure would be around $500 to $2000, depending upon its size. And for small sheds that are less than 200 sq. ft. and are not used for human occupants, work, or business, you won’t need a permit. Note that these rules may change with time.

Benefits Of Building Permit for Your Metal Carport

  • Construction work on your lot that has government approval increases the value of your property. Needless to say, it guarantees that the steel carport installation carried out complies with all local rules and regulations.
  • A building permit for a carport ensures that all human occupants, yourself and your family, along with your neighbors in close proximity, are safe. For instance, in an area with frequent tornadoes, you may be asked to install a certified 12-gauge steel carport that can withstand wind speeds of up to 170 mph. This will protect both your vehicle and your carport from becoming airborne.
  • It gives you a legal protection. An unpermitted installation may lead to a hefty fine and, worse, the removal of the entire carport.
  • You can ask your metal dealer to provide you with the metal carport design that complies with the local code where you want to install the structure.

Many metal builders offer 3D designing tools that you can preview on your property. You can use custom design features such as length, width, leg height, color, roof, etc.

How To Get a Building Permit for A Carport?

  • You will need to fill out a form. This form can be found online on the local county/ city website, or you can visit the office to get the form for rural areas.
  • In this form, you will be asked for details about yourself, your lot, and the type and size of the project.
  • Next, you will need a site plan, i.e., a blueprint of your project along with existing structures.
  • Then, you have to calculate the fee. This fee will depend upon the type of project, its size, and amenities like plumbing or electricity. County staff can help with estimating fees.
  • Now, you can submit the application via mail or email.
  • If you miss any vital information, the staff will let you know.
  • After you get the permit, you can schedule an appointment with the building inspector.
  • You can begin construction, and the inspector will visit your site more than once to monitor if you are following all the guidelines.
  • After your construction is completed, the building inspector will give a final visit to check if all rules are followed. The building inspection includes visual checking of the exterior, interior, and roof, any crack, leakage, mold development, or HAVC issues, and ensuring that you have followed the local building regulations.

In The Light of These Facts

One can say that permits & local guidelines are a bit complicated but compulsory to follow for safety and security reasons. We hope we were able to provide you with some answers. Note that these are just general information and must not be taken as legal or financial advice. Only your local authorities can provide you with details regarding the exact price and design guidelines.

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