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Car Detailing: The best way to enhance ones car’s value

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Car detailing is to give one’s car a thorough cleaning both from inside and outside. Car detailing doesn’t refer to adding details such as an accessory or painting it bright.

One may wonder why they should get car detailing. It may look like an extra task undertaken to add extra bling to the car but it also adds certain benefits to the car that provides personal convenience.

Car Detailing Inclusion

The basic task under car detailing is to clean the car thoroughly following certain steps both from outside and inside.

Car detailing uses the following ways to clean every inch of the car to get a sparkling result.

Exterior: One notices the outside of the car before anything else, thus the detailers spend a lot of time cleaning it. A detailer works on the body, tires, windows,  and rims of the car.

Cleaning Process:

  1. Washing: The first step of car detailing to give the car high powered washing is finished by giving a scrub using mild soap and then drying it.
  2. Clay work: The detailer uses clay to remove any remaining water or soap marks that did not go in the first stage.
  3. Polish: Polishing the stage helps in restoring the original shine or gloss of the car which it lost with time.
  4. Sealant or waxing: The detailer ends the process by applying sealant or wax in order to provide with a glossy shine.

Interior: At times the inside of the car is dirtier and messier than the outside. Thus the detailers use brushes, vacuum, and steam cleaner to give a deep clean to the car.

Car Detailing
Car Detailing

Cleaning Process:

  1. Vacuum: The car is cleaned through vacuuming the interior, even the trunk, and glove the compartment is also cleaned.
  2. Scrubbing and brushing: In this process, the formats are brushed and scrubbed. A cleaning agent is used to do this task in order to get that shine.
  3. Wiping: The next targets of car detailing are the dashboard and windows of the car. Using a cleaning agent the interior will be wiped so that it is shiny and clean.
  4. Air purifier: The client can choose an air purifier which will be sprayed inside the car to give a pleasant smell. This is the finishing touch that finishes the auto detailing process.

Benefits of Getting Auto Detailing

Car detailing is much more than just a thorough cleaning, it helps in improving the lifespan of one’s car. It focuses on the following Keywords- removing, correcting, protecting and conditioning.

  1. Removing contaminating particles: After the car is washed and hand-dried using a microfiber cloth, any contaminating substance is removed by using clay soap. It helps in removing any kind of particle that clings to the body of the car and may cause damage to the paint. Clay soap also gives a smooth finish to the paint of the car.
  2. Correcting any damage or scratch: Detailers use paint polishes to remove the scratches and swirls on the body of the car. Such polishes give the car the factory standards as it returns back to the glossy and shiny coat it originally was.
  3.  Protecting the shiny coat: After the polishing, it is important to protect them shiny coat by using some sealant or wax. Sealant and waxing help with filling in any imperfection. Wax lasts for around 3 months and sealant for approximately 6-12 months.
  4. Conditioning the interior: After the exterior is protected by car detailing the next step is to increase the life span of the interior of the car. It is important to keep the seat fabric clean and conditioned so as to avoid any cracks in it. Also with the help of various cleaning agents, the stains can be removed that can cause any damage to the interior of the car.

All in all, car detailing bits of help in increasing the life span and quality of the car which helps in maintaining the value of the vehicle. Even if it feels like exterior cleaning, it is much more than the interior cleaning of a car. A car auto detailing usually results in increasing the performance and quality of the vehicle. Always choose the Car detailing expert to give your car the best treatment.

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