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Cloud Computing – What it is and How it works?

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For storing the information on a remote server, we can use a software infrastructure that is application-based and it is known as cloud computing. By making use of the internet, we can easily access it. Backend and front-end are the two parts in which we can divide a cloud to understand its working. By using a cloud computing software or an internet browser the stored cloud data can be accessed by the front-end. On the other hand, a backend is used for storing the information and data in a secured manner. The backend can be databases, computers and servers.

We can use protocols which are basically some rules for facilitating operations on the central server. Cloud computing is used for linking devices/computers and between these devices/computers a seamless connectivity can be ensured by a middleware or a software. To prevent data breach, data loss and security threats several copies of data are maintained by the service providers of cloud computing.

Cloud computing can be of different types and these are:
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

Today we can see some services of cloud computing and its examples are:

Data can be saved, stored and accessed in so many ways. Today if you want to store data then you are not bound to store it in a particular device only. It doesn’t matter where you are present. You just need an internet connection for accessing the data and files. Cloud technology has made it possible. Free storage space is provided by different providers of cloud storage. Backblaze, and Dropbox are the providers of cloud storage.

Working of cloud storage

By using smartphone, tablet or laptop data can be stored on the cloud but an internet connection is necessary for it. Suppose one person is working in an office and the other person is present somewhere else then both the persons can access the documents present at the cloud storage. Variations in the cloud storage prices can occur as per the specific needs. In an Apple iCloud 5 GB is available free of cost. But if some more storage is required then a fee has to be paid for it. Depending on the requirement yearly or monthly payment can be done on the basis of various price models.

For making your work easier, what else can be done by taking the help of cloud?

Rackspace and several other companies offer servers and cloud hosting type services. A cloud phone service of Fastmetrics can be seen in action in the form of PaaS. If you are present somewhere and you do not want to use software for video conference calls then it can easily be done with the help of a server.

Risks associated with the technology of cloud computing

A large number of devices for storing the digital data are required by some big companies. For storing the client information, the storage devices that are required should be more in number if we have to use the systems of     for this purpose. The reason behind this is that the breaking down of these devices can occur at various occasions. The other devices can be used for storing the information in the form of copies of data when a cloud system is used.

How will you manage the technology of cloud computing?

The cloud system is managed by a central server. Smooth running of procedure can be ensured if the demands of the client and traffic are managed by this server. The middleware software is used here along with various protocols. It is possible to allow the communication between different computers with the help of middleware.

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