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Hero Glamour 125 vs TVS Raider 125: Differences You Need to Know

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In India, the 125cc is also very popular despite the bikes from this segment touching the Rs 1 lakh mark. In terms of sales, these two bikes can achieve their positions among the top-five bestselling 125cc bikes in the country.

The Hero Glamour has two versions: the standard and the Xtec. A few features here and there are different from each other. The Hero Glamour, however, is among the bestselling Hero bikes in the country. In this comparison, the Glamour Xtec will be picked to compare it with the top-most variant of the TVS Raider 125. So, let’s remove the confusion and see how these two bikes stack up against each other in terms of features and specifications. Let’s read on.

Frame and Performance

The Japanese automobile manufacturer used a diamond-type frame to build the Honda Glamour. At the same time, the TVS Raider 125 is structured on a single cradle tubular frame. Both chassis are cost-effective as well as robust, as a result, they are widely incorporated by the manufacturers. Interestingly, both the locally-produced 125cc two-wheelers have the same kerb weight, which is rated at 125 kg.

As far as the figures are concerned, both offerings are powered by a 125cc engine. The Hero Glamour draws its power from a 124.7cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that is tuned to churn out 10.72 bhp at 7500 rpm and 10.6 nm of peak torque at 6000 rpm.

On the flip side, the TVS Raider 125 is equipped with a 124.8cc, single-cylinder, air/oil-cooled engine, which is tuned to pump out 11.2 bhp at 7500 rpm and 11.2 Nm of peak torque at 6000 rpm. There is, however, a long list of TVS bikes that cater to different types of buyers on the autoX website.

Both bikes are mated to a standard five-speed manual transmission.

Moreover, these commuter two-wheelers store fuel in a 10-litre fuel tank. Yes, both have the same fuel tank capacity.

As far as fuel economy is concerned, the TVS Raider returns better mileage than its Bajaj counterpart. The former returns a mileage of 58 km/l, while the latter returns a mileage of 54 km/l. In addition, you can check out the Raider 125 price on the autoX website.

These are not ARAI-certified figures. These are the average mileage figures given by the owners of these bikes. Either of the bikes won’t make your pockets pinch in terms of running costs.

Mechanical Specifications

These homegrown bikes made by indigenous manufacturers are engineered by keeping the conditions of Indian roads in mind. Having said that, they shouldn’t sail through the undulations and bumps from potholes with ease. As for the Hero Glamour 125, it is equipped with a telescopic fork at the front and a five-step adjustable hydraulic shock absorber at the rear. Considering the Hero Glamour price, it has a pretty impressive suspension setup.

On the contrary, the TVS Raider is packed with a telescopic fork at the front and a five-step adjustable, gas-filled monoshock suspension at the rear. Like the Glamour 125, the Raider also has a suspension setup on par.

For your reference, an adjustable suspension can either be tuned to a soft side or a stiff side. If the rider thinks that the road ahead will have several bumps, the rear suspension can be adjustable to the softer side, whereas the person can adjust oppositely with an opposite road condition.

If you are a TVS fan, check out the Raider price, then.

Given the suspension setups of these two indigenous bikes, both offerings are equipped with synchronised braking technology (also known as an integrated braking system). These different terms have the same meaning but are coined differently by different companies. In addition to that, this is a safety feature, which prevents the bike from making a stoppie or skidding on emergency brakings.

Apart from that, the top-most variants of these two bikes have braking duties taken care of by disc-drum brakes. In parallel, some variants might offer drum brakes as well. For your reference, the presence of a disc brake makes a major difference in terms of braking performance. Moreover, the size of the disc-drum brakes offered on these two bikes is identical.

The size of the front disc brake measures 240mm, while the size of the rear drum brake measures 130mm.

As for the rims, the TVS Raider runs on 17-inch alloy wheels, while the Hero Glamour runs on 18-inch alloy wheels. The Glamour 125 has a tyre profile of 80/100 R18 and 100/80 R18 at the front and back, respectively. In contrast, the Raider 125 has a tyre profile of 80/100 R17 and 100/90 R17 at the front and back, respectively. The Hero Glamour will look aesthetically better because of its slightly bigger rims, while the Raider 125 will offer more grip because of more sidewall.


Unlike the Hero Glamour, the Raider 125 boasts a digital fuel gauge, a digital tachometer, a low battery indicator, an electric start, and a stepped seat. Further, the gear shift indicator, as well as the top speed recorder, are exclusive to the TVS Raider 125. Considering the Glamour price, it should have had a similar number of offerings.

The only thing that the Hero Glamour boasts is Hero’s in-house built Ride Smart Feature. In addition, it has a kick and electric start system.

The common offerings include a digital instrument cluster that digitally shows readings, such as an odometer, speedometer, and tripmeter. Further, both have a side-stand alarm, a low fuel indicator, a clock, under-seat storage, mobile app connectivity, a USB port, and GPS and navigation. Last but not least, both have a pillion seat with a grabrail and footrests.

For exterior lighting, both bikes have LED DRLs, automatic headlights, LED headlights, LED brake- and tail-lights, and passing lights.

Prices and Variants

The Hero Glamour is sold in four variants. The Hero Glamour’s price starts at Rs 80,908 for the base variant, the New Drum, and goes up to Rs 84,608 for the top-most variant, the Disc Alloy. In addition, the Glamour has an Xtec variant, which has a starting price of Rs 87,748. 

In parallel, the Raider 125 is offered in four variants. The TVS Raider price starts at Rs 86,803 for the base variant, the Drum, and goes up to Rs 1 lakh for the top-most variant, the SmartXConnect. All are ex-showroom prices in Delhi, as of August 2023. Please note that these prices are subject to change without any prior notice to the customer. You can, however, visit the autoX website to access the latest location-based price list for your dream vehicle. For more, visit our website or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. So, stay tuned!

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