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How AI Chatbot is Transforming Hospitality Industry in 2023? 

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Hospitality industry is constantly looking for innovation to improve their customer service and reduce operational costs. Seeing the advancement of technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the perfect addition for a business digital transformation. AI chatbots are a powerful tool to meet the demanding needs of a hotel business. 

AI chatbots brings several benefits which were earlier impossible to meet with traditional approach. You can serve personalized services and even brings value addition to your business, saving operational cost and resources. Here, in the blog we will come across how conversational AI software solutions can bring very much needed revolutionization for a hotel business. Serving customers 24/7 via live agents is not possible for the hotels. AI chatbot is the savior in this situation, assisting customers round-the-clock.  

Reasons to Invest in AI Chatbot  

Below, you will find multiple reasons to add AI chatbot for hotel management. 

1. 24/7 Customer Service 

Hotel industry come across a major challenge of serving customers with high expectations. You need to be prompt with your responses as customers from any corner of the globe ask questions in different time zones. Hotel chatbots is really helpful by providing real-time customer service. Customers feel satisfied as they receive timely response, no waiting in the queue and feel personalized. And because it’s available 24/7, customers can get answers to their queries even when the front desk staff is not available.  

2. Increase Booking Number 

Increasing customer base with bookings is always on the priority for hotel industry. After all, receiving direct bookings brings more revenue for a hotel as no commission needs to be paid, resulting in higher profits. Having a hotel chatbot is really beneficial to serve multiple customers, increase the number of conversions by addressing queries quickly. In addition, AI application development company can also be deploy chatbots on social media platforms, providing feature to book directly through the platform. 

3. Assist in Booking Services 

AI chatbot can be really helpful to grow number of bookings and even decrease the abandon bookings. They assist customer in booking the room of their choice, give personalized assistance throughout the booking steps. Customers can avail information at every step for their convenience, while the chatbot improve progress. They can even recommend the rooms, services, by knowing customer needs, and budget. 

4. Multi-lingual Assistance 

Language is a big barrier for the traditional customer service. Agents feel helpless when they need to serve customers speaking different language which they are not aware. Guest from any part of the world can book your hotel service, and employing staff with every language skills is difficult. Here conversational AI software solutions is useful to provide support for different languages. They can easily translate instantly, meaning real-time responses for customers to their queries, in their particular language. 

5. Ease Customer Support  

To run a successful hotel business, it becomes important to add some ways to improve the guest service. One way to do is by implementing AI powered chatbot. In addition, multiple tasks can be performed that are basically manged by the customer service staff. The major queries comes related to hotel policies, route directions, and making reservations. AI chatbot will aid your staff to provide timely and personalized services, such as handling complex inquiries and providing additional services. In addition, chatbots can work continuously without taking the break, so they can provide help to staff in case they are not available.  

6. Personalized Promotional Campaigns  

Hotel industry perform regular efforts to market their services for higher engagement. Sending marketing emails has become an outdated process. People tend to ignore marketing emails, even if they accepted on a form to receive. Another problem is they tend to be generic and repetitive. AI chatbot can fix this concern by offering a touch of personalized services. A chatbot message shared via a social channel, or a chatbot appearing straight on the hotel website, can result into a tailored, and two-way conversation. 

Wrapping Up 

As chatbot is becoming an important technology for hospitality industry, AI-based chatbots will bring more engagement with its personalized services. You just need to deploy chatbot on the hotel website, on social channels, either by yourself or connecting with an expert.  

The addition of rule-based chatbots is also useful but they are slowly getting replaced by AI-based options. As this technology has more to offer at a low price with simplified performance. The availability of the voice recognition technology is another advantage and users are becoming more comfortable with its usage. Chatbots are becoming more advanced with voice-based assistance. Some brands have already made developments through voice recognition, improving language translation for international customers.  

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