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How Can Entrepreneurs Use Vpn Industry Growth To Their Own Benefit

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The VPN industry has experienced massive growth in recent years, with no signs of slowing down. This creates major opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs who understand how to capitalize on the VPN boom. In this guide, we’ll explore different ways entrepreneurs can leverage VPN industry expansion to launch or grow their own ventures.

Whether starting a VPN service itself, using VPNs to enable global reach, or incorporating VPNs to add value to an existing product, multiple strategies exist to benefit from the VPN revolution. Read on to find an approach that aligns with your entrepreneurial goals.

Launching Your Own White Label VPN Service

For those with technical expertise, one of the most direct ways entrepreneurs can ride VPN momentum is by launching their own virtual private network service. This gives you a slice of the rapidly expanding VPN market.

One effective approach is white labeling an established VPN provider’s infrastructure rather than building from scratch. Companies like KeepSolid offer full white label VPN solutions, including the servers, apps, website design, and technical support.

You can brand the apps and site as your own while tapping into proven technology. Target niche audiences like gamers, streamers, or enterprise customers. Offer discounted pricing through memberships. Expand features over time.

Running a white label VPN service lets entrepreneurs benefit from the VPN gold rush without needing to be networking infrastructure experts. Focus on sales and marketing while relying on a vendor’s backend.

Incorporating VPNs Into Your SaaS App

If you operate a SaaS application, incorporating VPN functionality can significantly boost value. For example, Calendly recently partnered with VPN provider Surfshark to add built-in VPN access to their scheduling software.

Adding a trusted VPN layer provides your SaaS users better privacy and ability to access your tool securely from restricted networks. This gives your app a competitive edge while also earning revenue from the VPN partnership.

Explore teaming up with leading VPN names like ExpressVPN or NordVPN to integrate their technology. Promote it as giving your users VPN protection “in one click” from within your platform.

Bundling Vpns With Digital Products

Entrepreneurs selling premium digital products like ebooks, online courses, stock media, web templates, and more can boost perceived value by bundling access to popular VPN services.

For example, an online course creator could offer students a 1-year VPN subscription from a provider like CyberGhost alongside course materials. This adds meaningful privacy protection associated with your brand.

Partner with providers who offer affiliate programs to earn commissions on VPN plans you help sell. The subscription model also funnels recurring earnings beyond just the core digital product.

Using Vpns To Access Global Opportunities

Entrepreneurs building location-independent online businesses can leverage VPNs to expand their global reach and open up restricted opportunities.

Connecting to VPN servers in other countries provides international IP addresses. This allows you to access geo-blocked content, marketing channels, ecommerce platforms, and business tools normally unavailable in your region.

VPNs also help securely collaborate with international partners, contractors and remote team members by encrypting traffic and masking your true location.

Unlocking global chances is invaluable for borderless entrepreneurs trying to build worldwide customer bases and partnerships. VPNs enable operating seamlessly across markets.

Safeguarding Your Venture’s Digital Presence

Any new venture requires establishing an online presence with one or more domains, websites, hosting accounts, APIs, databases, and more. Hacking threats put all this digital infrastructure at risk.

Deploying VPN protection across your fledgling company’s digital assets provides essential cybersecurity. Connecting only through the encrypted VPN tunnel prevents data theft and DDoS attacks that could bring your business down.

Set up a business VPN solution like Cisco Meraki or Perimeter 81 to cover all internal access. Mandate employees use a secure consumer VPN like ExpressVPN when working remotely.

Don’t wait until after a breach to add security – make privacy protections foundational so your venture can scale safely.

Allowing Remote Teams To Collaborate Securely

Many new companies embrace a remote workforce from the start for greater talent access and cost efficiencies. But distributed teams come with security risks from employees accessing company networks from home.

Implementing a VPN solution designed for remote access allows employees to collaborate securely no matter where they are located. Traffic will be encrypted and access limited to private VPN tunnels.

Popular remote work VPN tools include Cisco AnyConnect, Citrix Access Gateway, and OpenVPN. Enforce 2-factor authentication through VPN clients for added protection.

Having remote teams comes with inherent cyber risks that VPNs can effectively neutralize so growth isn’t hindered.

Using Vpns To Bypass Censorship And Access New Markets

In regions where internet censorship is prevalent like China, the Middle East, and Russia, local entrepreneurs face extra challenges. Many essential business websites and tools get blocked by regimes.

Connecting to a VPN with servers outside these restrictive countries provides full internet access. Entrepreneurs can reach Google, AWS, social media marketing tools, and niche sites relevant to their business needs.

VPNs also help local startups collaborate securely with any foreign contractors or advisors without government eavesdropping on communications.

Don’t let authoritarian internet controls limit your venture – utilize VPN encryption to access everything needed to compete on a global scale despite limitations at home.

Adding Value Via Bundled Vpn Services

Companies offering various technology solutions like web hosting, email services, cloud storage, password managers, and more can boost appeal by bundling VPN access.

For example, shared hosting providers could offer customers a free VPN subscription from a trusted provider. Email encryption services could provide access to leading VPN apps as an add-on.

Whether giving away VPN access outright or at discounted pricing, incorporating VPN functionality rounds out your product suite with protection that today’s privacy-focused users value.

Developing New Products And Services Enhanced By Vpns

Savvy entrepreneurs don’t just look for shortcuts by slapping on bundled VPNs. They explore developing entirely new products integrated with VPN technology.

For example, VPN attributes like encryption, obscuring locations, and defeating censorship lend themselves well to creating secure communication tools for sensitive use cases.New cloud storage or workflow platforms that route traffic through VPN servers provide inherent privacy advantages. Entertainment and gaming apps, like Stream2Watch, could circumvent geographic rights by incorporating VPN connectivity, enabling users to access content from various regions with ease.

There are still many underserved needs VPN technology is uniquely positioned to fill. Innovative entrepreneurs who recognize and deliver these solutions can find major success.

Key Takeaways On Leveraging Vpn Growth As An Entrepreneur

In summary, as VPN adoption accelerates, forward-thinking entrepreneurs have many avenues to capitalize on the expanding opportunities:

  • Launch a white-label VPN service without needing to be a networking expert
  • Incorporate VPN functionality into SaaS and digital products to boost value
  • Use VPNs to access global markets and partners otherwise unreachable
  • Safeguard company infrastructure and support secure remote teams
  • Help users in restricted regions bypass censorship to access essential tools
  • Explore developing entirely new solutions fueled by VPN privacy technology

Rather than leaving money on the table, smart entrepreneurs can harness VPN industry momentum in creative ways tailored to their business goals. Privacy protection is becoming ubiquitous across the web – make sure you shape your offerings to ride this wave rather than missing out. This is especially relevant as concerns like HWID bans become more prevalent, underlining the growing need for privacy and security solutions.

Does My Startup Need A Vpn Service Right Away?

Not necessarily right away, but you should add secure remote access via VPN once you have sensitive data and infrastructure in place worth protecting.

What Technical Expertise Is Needed To Start A Vpn Company?

Running your own full VPN service requires extensive networking infrastructure skills. But white label solutions allow starting a customized VPN business without being an expert.

How Do I Choose The Right Vpn Provider To Partner With?

Look for leading providers with top reviews, large server networks, proven technology, and flexible affiliate/reseller programs to enable win-win partnerships.

How Can I Promote My Product’s New Vpn Features?

Highlight the partnership in your marketing materials as a value-add providing enhanced privacy and security bundled with your core offering.

Does A Vpn Help Secure My Zoom Calls?

Yes, routing Zoom’s traffic through a VPN tunnel encrypts the video and audio, obscures your IP address, and prevents call data from being intercepted.


Entrepreneurs always need to keep their finger on the pulse of growing technology trends like VPNs in order to creatively capitalize rather than getting left behind. VPN usage is ballooning globally, and innovative entrepreneurs are finding diverse ways to harness this momentum from bundled SaaS integrations to new privacy-driven products. Savvy ventures will shape offerings to ride the VPN wave in ways strategically tailored for long-term success in this new era of privacy.

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