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How to use email to promote jewelry business

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If you are running your own wholesale jewelry business online, then you will be greatly benefited if you apply the usage of email for the sake of promoting your business. That is why we share some valuable tips to help expand the reach and profits of your wholesale jewelry business online via the usage of email marketing.

1. Go beyond social media.

Though many companies are posting on social media, many companies realize that there is still value in using email marketing efforts as well. Thus, companies in the industry of wholesale jewelry would be greatly empowered if they do not only use social media, but also use email in order to reach their customers and to increase their sales and profits. It is estimated that for each dollar that you spend in terms of email marketing, this can result in a return on your investment of as much as three thousand eight hundred percent. This translates to the fact that for each dollar that you spend, you would make thirty-eight dollars back. That is a pretty good result.

2. Conduct segmentation.

If you have a list of email subscribers, it is true that each form of marketing information will not be pertinent or of interest to each individual consumer. Some may have decided to opt into your email list due to a wedding that will soon take place, others have done so because they are buying jewelry for themselves and then others love to always hunt for terrific gift options. Because each consumer is so diverse, clumping all the consumers together by sending the same identical emails to everyone on the list will not result in being the most efficient manner to address all consumers. Rather conduct the segmentation of your list in order to deliver info regarding wedding rings to only consumers who hold an interest in wedding products and ideas regarding jewelry gifts to the ones who are interested in finding wonderful gifts to give to people, etc. Effective segmentation can be achieved when you request people to sign up for the specific type of emails they would like to receive according to their subject of interest.

3 Personalize your emails

Realize that you will sell more jewelry when you are able to produce stories that are personalized. It cannot be denied that pieces of jewelry frequently tend to be cherished by people, such as whether it is a brooch that is inherited from a relative or whether it is the receiving of an engagement ring or if it is a piece of jewelry to commemorate a special occasion. Due to the strong reality that you are functioning in a business that is highly personal, it is needful to formulate connections with your consumers at a level that is truly personalized. This can be achieved by ensuring that emails are indeed personalized, such as addressing consumers on a first name basis in the emails and by ensuring that the messaging of the emails is both personal and formal. Moreover, the email messages must have the inclusion of great personal stories that are associated with the jewelry, such as real experiences of consumers in reference to the various jewelry pieces that they have gotten. Such an approach will truly draw your audience of subscribers more deeply into your emails for sure. The truth of the matter is that many people do not like emails that are highly salesy; but when you are more on a personal level with your consumers, they will see you more as a friend and advisor, which will make them more motivated to buy your wholesale jewelry.

4. Implement consistency.

You need to be in the minds of your customers often. This means that your brand, your jewelry pieces, your special pricing options, etc. must be communicated to your consumers often. You do not want to spam them or overburden them, as people are busy and do receive an abundance of email messages already. But sending an email only twice a year will do nothing to gain the sales of your consumers or increase your profits. That is why you must be consistent in providing great email content at least weekly or biweekly to your consumers. This will help your consumers to be more interested in your brand and jewelry, which will likely translate into more sales and profits.


When you are in the wholesale jewelry industry, it is wise to use email to reach more consumers and to increase your profits. This means that you should go beyond the usage of social media and also add the usage of email marketing to increase the success of your business. Further, it is important to conduct the segmentation of your email list and to personalize your emails. Moreover, it is important to remember to implement consistency in sending out great email content.

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