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Is It Cheaper To Buy Cinema Tickets Online Or In-Store?

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With rising ticket prices making a trip to the movies more expensive, everyone wants to find the best cinema deals. This brings up the question – should you buy tickets online or purchase them at the theater box office for the lowest prices?

Depending on promotions and fees, one option may save you more money over the other. Below we dive into the pros, cons, and key factors to consider when deciding where to buy cinema tickets for less.

Buying In Person At The Theater Box Office

Purchasing tickets in person at the cinema box office means paying face-value prices. Here are the key considerations:

Full Price Tickets

You generally pay the theaters’ published ticket prices without discounts unless special promotions are running.

Convenience Factor

The box office allows you to buy tickets immediately for the next show rather than planning ahead online.

Fees Are Unlikely

Unlike online sales, in-person sales don’t incur online convenience fees which can add $1 or more per ticket.

Miss Out On Online Deals

You won’t have access to any online discounts, promos, or bundled offers that may make tickets cheaper.

Sold Out Showings

If you don’t purchase in advance, popular movies and times can sell out. There might not be as much space at the box office.

Additionally, you can purchase tickets online or via the theater app. Before you enter the cinema, it’s a good idea to check the showtimes and seating options.

Purchasing Online Offers More Options

Buying tickets online opens up more opportunities to save:

Take Advantage of Discounts

Look for promotional codes, social media discounts, email list discounts, and other exclusive online offers. Always go for Seat Geek they offer big discounts through their coupons. Use this SeatGeek Promo Code to save money while booking your favorite movies.

Earn Cash Back

Shop via cash-back sites like Rakuten to earn money back on each ticket purchase to effectively lower your price.

Bundle Specials

Many cinemas offer deals including free popcorn with each ticket when buying online.

Wider Availability

Purchase tickets ahead of time for opening weekends and blockbusters when cinemas are busiest.

Convenience Fees

These processing fees are typically $1-$1.50 per ticket. But online savings often offset this cost.

Tips For Getting The Best Cinema Prices

All the points related to best cinema ticket prices are mentioned below read thoroughly:

  • Check theater websites for email list signups with exclusive promos
  • Use a cash-back rewards credit card to earn extra money back
  • Buy matinee or early bird tickets for lower rates
  • Attend discount showings like $5 Tuesdays
  • Split costs by paying friends back rather than wasting points
  • Don’t purchase 3D or IMAX unless you’re set on the premium experience
  • Join theater loyalty programs for free size upgrades, discounts, and rewards

Always use trusted payment apps and Venmo is the best use Venmo promo code to save money.

When Online Shopping Makes Most Sense

If you want to…

  • Buy in advance for popular movies
  • Take advantage of sitewide sales and codes
  • Earn cash back on purchases
  • Use promotional offers from email lists
  • Bundle tickets with concessions
  • Easily view all showtimes in one spot

When In-Person Box Office Works Best

If you want to…

  • Buy tickets same-day or for the next immediate showing
  • Avoid online fees (typically $1-$1.50 per ticket)
  • Take advantage of in-theater promotions
  • Speak with a staff member about seat options
  • Pay in cash


While online sales generally offer more opportunities to save on cinema tickets with discounts and cashback, in-person purchases avoid the inconvenience of fees. Overall, buying in advance online results in the lowest total ticket costs through promotions and bundles the majority of the time. 

But same-day box office purchases skip the fees. Consider your savings, schedule flexibility, and payment preferences when choosing. Both options provide benefits depending on your movie-going motivations.

How Early Should You Buy Movie Tickets Online?

It’s best to purchase tickets at least 2-3 days in advance online to secure seats and take advantage of discounts or early bird pricing. Openings and peak times sell out quickly.

Are Online Cinema Tickets Refundable?

Refund policies vary by theater. Most allow you to exchange online tickets for a future film if you can’t attend. Read the fine print before purchasing.

What’s The Best Site For Buying Movie Tickets Online?

Top online ticket sellers include Fandango, Atom Tickets, MovieTickets.com, and AMC Theatres. Compare loyalty programs and promos across sites.

What Days Are Movie Tickets Cheapest?

Tuesday early matinees and showings before noon are typically the most discounted. Many cinemas also offer $5 movie days mid-week. First matinees any day are cheaper.

Can You Use Coupons When Buying Cinema Tickets Online?

Yes, most major ticket sellers accept promo codes and coupon offers during online checkout if you have a valid code to enter and the offer hasn’t expired.

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