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How to Recover & Restore Deleted Photos from Windows 10 Computer?

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Photographs are quite possibly the most important data stored on our digital devices, including Android smartphones, iPhones, tablets, computerized cameras, PCs, etc. Losing huge pictures can be exceptionally agonizing. A threat of loss of data from digital storage devices can be done anytime. No one were left alone to lose data from their storage data. Just go through the complete blog to recover lost or deleted photos from Windows PC without any much efforts.

Data Recovery Software is the perfect choice for clients to recover photographs from PCs, memory cards, SD cards, hard drives, USB streak drives, advanced cameras and so on.

It has an explicit data recovery modes committed to data loss scenarios like file corruption, deletions by error, emptied recycling bins and trash. It is capable to retrieved formatted hard drive/devices, lost partitions, virus or malicious attacks, and even PC framework.

Ways to Recover Your Deleted Photos from Android Phones

Method 1: Recover deleted photos from Android Using Google Photos.

Method 2: Recover deleted pictures from Android using Google Drive.

Method 3: Recover deleted photos from Android phone using Dropbox.

Method 4: Recover disappeared photos from Android without Root.

Your Safe & Reliable Free Photo Recovery Software

  • Recover lost or erased documents, photographs, sound, music, and messages from wherever effectively, securely, and totally.
  • Supports photo recovery from recycle bin, hard drive, memory card, flash drive, digital camera, and camcorders.
  • Supports to recover photos for sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive, corruption, virus assault, framework crash under various circumstances.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The high recovery rate for most information unwanted situations.
  • The speed of first checking is the quickest among these projects.
  • The valuable and cordial interface for amateurs.
  • Has huge loads of client service choices.


  • The deep scan choice will set aside a more extended effort to wrap up.
  • The development of the free form (most extreme reclamation: 100MB).

How to Recover Deleted Photos with Data Recovery Software?

Stage 1 – Launch Android Data Recovery Software

After downloading the product, click on the desktop to launch the program.

Stage 2 – Select a Hard Disk Drive or Any Other Storage Device

Select the area where your photographs have been erased or lost, and click the “Start” button to scan.

Stage 3 – Scanning your Deleted Photos from Computer

The data recovery software will start a quick scan to search for erased or deleted photographs. After scanning, you can preview some photos and get your photos back.

Stage 4 – Preview and Recover Deleted photographs

After the scan is completed, you can check all recovered files on the rundown. Go to preview and click the “Recover” button to retrieve your photos back.

Tips on Photo Recovery

  • When your photographs are accidentally erased or lost, do not save any more photographs or documents to the storage device. Else, you may overwrite your information.
  • If it is not so much trouble, save your recovered photos to the location where photos are deleted before. Or then again it will be brought about by data loss again.
  • You ought to create a backup of all your important data and files in a safe place. You will not suffer from any kind of unwanted situation. Backup is one of the best to handle all kinds of data loss circumstances.

Back up All the Important and Relevant Data from Your Phone

  1. To start with, associate your device to the PC through a USB link and copy all the important files or pictures to the PC.
  2. Second, utilize the Google Photos application where clients can save limitless photographs without any loss and can easily restore when required. The process is easy to follow, basically go to Settings > Backup and Sync and here you can choose how frequently you need to backup all your photos.
  3. Third, there are other cloud storage spaces like Google Drive, Dropbox, even a few cell phones have their own distributed storage like MI Cloud, Samsung, and numerous others.

Another most ideal approach to backup all your important files including photos is by using professional backup software. Android Data Recovery Software is one of the amazing tool that helps to backup all your essential photos or files and restores them when required. This is a simple process to follow with no challenges. Download this Android recovery tool to recover photos from Android device.


Photographs are significant for each Android user and no one would love to lose those photos from their phones at any cost. The data loss situation can occur to anyone and how to recover deleted photos is a central issue. Therefore, it is encouraged to backup all your critical stuff already in a safe spot with the goal that you do not need to look for recovery ways later on.

The main thing you need is the recovery rate for your deleted photographs. It is vital to keep your data private and no harm to your PC framework or another capacity device. In any case, user lost his photos then there is only one solution left. User need to opt Android Recovery software by which users can effortlessly recover permanently deleted photos from Windows PC.

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