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Rules of Writing Essay – From Topic Selection to Conclusion

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Everyone has to write an essay in their student life. As your study level increases, the level of essay writing also enhances. The writing of essays becomes more complex and demanding day by day. That is why you should learn how to write an essay. You should know the basic rules of writing an essay as well and have to select an idea and support, analyze, and explain it for writing an essay. You can also select an argument as the topic of your essay.

An essay consists of three major sections: the introduction, body, and conclusion. In this article, you will see the rules of writing an essay. You can make your essay effective with the help of affordable essay writing services.

Select a Topic

Most of the time, the topic is given by the school. But sometimes you have to select the topic yourself. As your level of grade increases, you have to select and manage the topic on your own. This is the most confusing and challenging stage of essay writing. But all you have to do is brainstorm about the topics you are interested in. The topic of your essay should match the area of your study. You should follow this rule when selecting the topic for your essay. If you choose a general topic, general information will be enough. But if you’re going to choose a specific argument or analysis, you need to make sure that the topic is specific and clear enough.

Now that you have selected the topic, defines the purpose of your essay. While choosing the topic of your essay, keep in mind its purpose. You should select which type of paper you will write according to the topic of your essay. You can get help from a cheap essay writing service in this regard.

If you’re going to write an analytical essay, make sure to divide the idea of your essay into different components. If you want to go for an expository one, make sure that you explain the phenomena under discussion. But if you’re a higher-level student, the essays given to you most of the time are not explanatory. They are either based on argumentative or analytical nature. If you’re going to choose an argumentative essay, make sure to write through a persuasive stance. Make sure to brainstorm enough to choose the right topic for your essay. Affordable essay writing services can help you with your essay in this context.


The first paragraph of the essay presents you with the introduction of an idea or argument under discussion. It should give the idea to reader about the whole content of your essay. It should be designed in a way that gathers the attention of readers. The introductory sentence of this section should include some trends. If you cannot use any trend, you need to ensure that it’s interesting. After introducing the idea, you should write your opening statement as well. Make sure that the introduction is 10% of the whole length of your essay. Conclude the introduction with your essays argument or thesis statement. If you follow these rules, you can make your essay effective. You can also get aid from affordable essay writing services for your essay if you cannot manage it yourself.


This is the essential part of the essay, where you explain the main idea behind it. Make sure each idea of the essay’s body explains only one idea. The first paragraph should present the strongest argument of your essay. This argument should support your thesis statement as well. Start the body paragraphs with the theme that supports the main idea of your essay. Make sure to add evidence for every idea you’re quoting within the essay. After providing the essay, analyze the information, and write it. The concluding sentence for every paragraph of the body should summarize the whole paragraph. All paragraphs of the body should have the same format. If you’re stuck anywhere in the essay, you could get guidance from affordable essay writing services.


The conclusion of an essay is presented at the end of it. It should be 10% of the total length of your essay. It should also restate your argument. In this paragraph, you should summarize the complete information you’ve discussed within the body of your essay. The last sentence of this paragraph should present that your essay has ended here. If you follow these rules, you can write an excellent essay. You can also take help from affordable essay writing services for essay writing in this context.

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