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Stay informed about upcoming Range Rover maintenance costs.

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As innovative as the Range Rover is, it’s not the most reliable of vehicles. According to experts, the Range Rover has a rating of 2.0 (out of 5.0) as of early 2022, which ranks it 15th out of 19 full-size luxury SUVs. Annual maintenance costs also average $1,258, which is slightly higher than the average ($1,127) for vehicles in this class. This means that the Range Rover is more likely to have problems than the average car. Therefore, you can expect a more significant Range Rover maintenance cost sooner rather than later.

Range Rover maintenance costs for brake problems

Experts note that brake problems are one of the most commonly reported problems with the Range Rover. Range Rover maintenance costs include replacing the ABS control module, which runs about $1,685 or installing an ABS hydraulic pump at a cost of about $3,413.

Range Rover maintenance costs for electrical problems

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received a number of complaints regarding electrical problems with the Range Rover. They can be difficult to identify and may involve other related systems. For example, replacing the alternator could cost up to $1,547. Range Rover maintenance costs $75 on average to diagnose a problematic anti-theft system.

Range Rover powertrain problems

A vehicle’s powertrain can include an engine, transmission, drive shaft, axles, and other interconnected components. So there’s a lot that can happen wrong. A basic engine diagnostic could cost $152. However, repairs and related costs can vary significantly. For example, replacing a powertrain control module costs about $1,382, but significant engine or transmission work can run into thousands of dollars.

The Range Rover maintenance cost HVAC Problems

Range Rover owners have also reported problems with their heating and cooling (HVAC) systems. A/C compressor replacement can cost around $1,687. And additional HVAC services may be required, including installing an A/C evaporator at a cost of $1,865 to $2,453. Among the most problematic model years for the Range Rover is 2017, which carcomplaints.com rates for windshield leaks. Along with other reported issues, such as brake issues, you may start to wonder. However, while it and sister vehicles like the 2015 Land Rover LR2 don’t have the highest reputation for reliability, they still don’t fall into that category of vehicles to avoid.

When purchasing a Range Rover, be sure to consider the maintenance costs!

Modern car ownership includes dealing with manufacturer recalls, and the Range Rover is no exception. And whether you own a Range Rover or not, you should know what to do if your car has been recalled by checking the NHTSA database.

However, if you happen to own a Range Rover or are considering buying one, some of the latest Range Rover maintenance cost repairs recalls you should know about include:

Defective seat belt retractor

Some 2021 Range Rovers have been recalled due to a defective seat belt retractor that can prevent a child’s seat from being properly secured inside the vehicle.

Engine failure:

Some 2019 Range Rovers are being recalled due to a faulty crankshaft pulley mounting bolt that can crack and cause engine failure.

Defective high beam system:

Select 2018-2020 Range Rovers have been recalled due to a defective system that does not alert the driver that the high beams are on. This can cause visibility problems for oncoming traffic.

Bad reverse sensors:

Some 2012 Range Rover maintenance costs have been recalled for malfunctioning rear sensors that prevent the reverse monitor from activating.

Defective automatic emergency brakes (AEB):

Some 2017 Range Rovers have been recalled due to an AEB system that can be disabled without warning the driver.

Highline’s car protection plan gives you peace of mind that your Range Rover is covered for costly car repair bills that your average car insurance or mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) won’t cover. You’ll even have the benefit of free 24/7 roadside assistance and the chance to save even more with year-round Durability Elite benefits for a small $20 activation fee.

Range Rover maintenance cost estimate

There are so many factors that will determine exactly how much you pay for annual maintenance. Range Rover maintenance costs. Break it down by model year, how often you drive the vehicle, and how well it’s been maintained. Range Rovers will undoubtedly cost more than any other luxury vehicle when it comes to maintenance needs.

Factors affecting maintenance costs

Unfortunately, Range Rovers don’t rank highly for reliability and dependability. They will break down, just like other vehicles, and money will have to be spent on Range Rover maintenance costs. Range Rover drivers often encounter leaks and a variety of other mechanical problems. Make sure the car is thoroughly inspected by a car care professional before purchase. Air suspension is the cause of many problems in most used cars, so this should be checked before driving your Range Rover off-road. The air suspension is what gives the car such a smooth ride with adjustable ride height. Still, it tends to fail after 5-6 years of use. Buying a Range Rover with a modified suspension system can help you avoid these problems. Every model of Range Rover has a few problems. In addition to electrical problems, the classic model also has oil leaks. The most reliable vehicles were produced from 2013-2017.

Common Range Rover maintenance needs

The following list of the most frequent services required for Range Rovers:

  • Replacement of brake pads
  • Car air conditioning compressor replacement
  • Brake calliper replacement
  • CV axle/shaft assembly replacement
  • Replacing the exterior car door handle
  • Replacing the crankshaft position sensor
  • Strut assembly replacement
  • Replacing the fuel pressure regulator
  • Fuel injector replacement
  • Replacing the fuel pump
  • Replacing the power steering pump
  • Car radiator replacement
  • Replacing the shock absorber
  • Flushing the brake system
  • Flushing the cooling system

Range Rover insurance cost!

Owners can expect to pay an average of $1,900 per year or $158 per month for coverage. Overall, the cost of ensuring the Range Rover ranks 29th out of 36 models rated. The following is a comparison of annual insurance costs for other similar vehicles.

  • Subaru Forester – $1,326
  • Lexus – $1,834
  • Jeep Wrangler – $1,256
  • Nissan Armada – $1,316
  • Toyota Sequoia – $1,454
  • Acura MDX – $1,468


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