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The Benefits of Engineered Marble That Let You Invest in It

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Marble is one of the classiest materials to grace your home. With its many colours and vein-like patterns, marble not only gives a luxurious look but increases the value of your space too. It’s the reason why many homeowners drift towards marble for installing benchtops, flooring, etc.

However, the trend is now changing and engineered marble is getting noticed day by day. But the thing is whenever you hear about engineered marble or wood, you conclude that it’s not of good quality or durable. Yes, maybe because of the definition, you might feel that it doesn’t stay long but you are in for a good surprise. 

To tell you the significance of the engineered marble and how it is beneficial, we have crafted this blog today. But let’s first know what exactly engineered marble is:

What is Engineered Marble?

As the name suggests, engineered marble is made artificially from the residue that is extracted while using natural stone. It is a composite material of the marble’s chips and dust which is then combined and hardened using resin binders and pigments. 

In simple terms, engineered marble is made with the by-products and wastage produced while cutting finishing, and trimming the natural stone. Additionally, glass shells, coloured metals are also used while the engineered variant.

It’s an eco-friendly product

Yes, it’s true. As the engineered products are made from wastage, it reduces industrial waste, rubbish, and energy consumption, making it the eco-friendlyconstruction material. It reduces the wastage in mining operations as it utilises the recycled materials produced in the fields. So, if you’re using the engineered marble, it means you are one of the promoters of the greener earth.

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Benefits of engineered marble

There are many benefits of the engineered marble that make you appreciate it more and invest in it. The benefits include:

  1. A wide range of variety

Engineered marble is made by mixing many materials and colours. Hence, you will find it many colours, designs, patterns, and even thicknesses. So, with the engineered variant, you have countless options to choose from and you can match any kind of home architecture you have.

  1. Durable and aesthetic

Natural marble has a drawback – it’s porous, which means it can retain coloured stains if they are not removed immediately. So, you have to apply a sealant as a barrier. However, with engineered marble, you don’t have to do any of that. As it’s less porous and is relatively stronger than the natural stone, you can expect it to last with never-ending shine on it.

Moreover, it is scratch and stain-resistant and doesn’t attract dust too much on it, which makes it ideal to install as kitchen benchtops.

  1. Easy maintenance

Cleaning engineered marble is easy. Wipe the surface gently using a wet cloth dipped in a cleaning solution and your surface looks as good as new. And you don’t have to spend too much on the maintenance cost as it doesn’t need any extra materials to retain its original look.

  1. Affordable than natural stone

One good thing about engineered marble is that the cost is lower than the natural marble stone. So you can use this material when any renovation or construction project has budget constraints. It gives you the same functionality as the marble, if not more, at an affordable budget.

  1. Repairable

Marble, once it’s broken, there’s nothing you can do about it other replacing it with a new stone. And the new piece has to be adjusted and polished to match the other marble which is a tedious process. But when anything minor happens to the engineered marble, you can repair it easily without replacing the whole piece.

  1. Can be used widely

Whether you want marble as a wall covering, benchtop, or flooring, you can use engineered marble anywhere in your house. With its noteworthy properties, features, and designs, you can design your home however you want.

Apart from all these benefits, engineered stone is sturdier than natural stone (almost as hard as the granite), which is an admirable feature at the budget it’s available. 

The takeaway

All the above benefits are impressive, however, learn also the exact difference between natural stone and engineered marble. It makes your decision stronger and lets you invest in the right material. 

Author Bio:

Hi, I am Mike Morleye, a professional writer and blogger. With my writing, I try to make a change in people’s opinions by giving quality, constructive, and well-researched articles. My speciality is writing on diverse topics, from home improvement to hair styling and automotive.

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