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Things to Know Before You Apply for Health Check up for Work Permit in Singapore

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Many people seek for working abroad for their family earnings and business needs. However, they have to stay there in the foreign country legally and arrange all necessary documents to fill the requirements for the same. In this way, you have to complete all relevant documents to submit as foreign work permit too. For instance, you will have to obtain a genuine medical work permit which is mandatory in many countries. If you are going to Singapore for work or employment. You will have to manage all documentation like a passport, visa, PR permit, medical check-up permit, and more. All the documents are important to submit and verify by the tourism authority in Singapore to work in the country legally. 

Among all the work permit requirements in Singapore, a health check-up certificate is mandatory. Hence, an individual has to obtain a complete health check-up clearance certificate. And send it to the authority or your company for verification that you are physically and mentally fit to work in the country. Hence, you need to approach the genuine work permit check up clinic in Singapore and get a complete health check-up done to obtain a legal medical clearance certificate.

Why Need Work Permit Check-Up Certificate?

In many countries, it is necessary to submit a health check-up work permit or certificate for working or employment. It is so because a health check-up for a work permit involves a complete check of health to examine that you are physically and monthly fit for doing a job in a foreign country. However, many countries do hire employees from other countries after verifying all relevant documents and medical certificates too. 

Types of Health Tests Involve to Get Work Permits in Singapore

If you applying medical check-up for a work permit in Singapore, you can look for a general practitioner near me option to get a genuine medical check-up. At the right health check-up clinic in Singapore, you will get complete medical tests for the body from head to toe. Some of the standard medical checks involved in the process such as blood. Tests, urine tests, HIV tests, chest X-rays, eyesight tests, hearing tests, Syphilis tests, heart tests, lung tests, Covid-19 tests, and more. Apart from that, the applicant has to submit previous medical reports. r a history of any chronic health issues in past for evaluation by doctors. Hence, it is a significant step for one to pass all tests during health check-ups to get a work permit in Singapore. 

Make sure, you are getting health check-ups in Singapore from a recognized healthcare clinic or hospital. The doctors at the clinic should be aware of the procedure and types of medical tests involve in this process to get a medical clearance certificate for a work permit in Singapore. 

Here are some key things to check before you get the medical check-up in Singapore for getting a work permit. 

1. Recognition of Work Permit Clinic

You should have a health check-up for a work permit at a recognized medical clinic in Singapore. Make sure, the health clinic has valid proofs such as a license or registration number. Online reviews, market reputation, proven medical services, good setup, and more. You should verify all such proofs to find a genuine medical clinic for a health check. To obtain a work permit or medical clearance certificate to submit for foreign employment in Singapore. 

2. All Types of Medical Tests Available

You should ensure that the health clinic in Singapore provides all types of medical tests. Involved in the process of health check-ups for a work permit in the country. In general, the work permit medical tests include some standard types of tests. Such as HIV tests, Syphilis tests, urine tests, blood tests, stool tests, heart and lung tests, eyesight tests, hearing tests, BMI tests, and more. Make sure, you get all such health check-ups or tests in one package that is available at affordable charges. 

3. Experienced Medical Staff

For an instant medical check-up, you can contact the general practitioners near me in Singapore. Approach or medical clinics which have experienced medical staff to do. Your all possible health check-ups or tests required to get a work permit. The expert medical personnel at the clinic know which types of tests are relevant. To qualify for obtaining a work permit or medical clearance certificate in Singapore. Hence, you do not need to say anything to them, as the medical staff at the clinic will follow. The process of health check-ups on their own and do all possible medical tests of yours without any issue. 

4. Medical Check-up Charges

In the end, you need to check the charges of health-check up or medical tests involve in the package. Make sure, you get charged reasonably for work permit health check-ups or tests as per industry standards. 

Thus, the above are some vital points to consider before you begin to apply for a health check-up for a work permit in Singapore at any medical clinic. For more details, you can visit the websites of trusted healthcare clinics or hospitals in Singapore. 

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