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Are you tired of that boring look on your bathroom? Do you want to recreate your bathroom into a luxurious space? Or perhaps you just want a new look to that bathroom? Worry no more! We have gathered helpful tips from professional decorators in London on how to make designing your bathroom easy. Redesigning any part of your house including your bathroom is always exciting, but the process to this seems overwhelming.

Well, let us help you get out of this confusing and daunting task. Many homeowners find it easy to do so by employing the help of professional decorators. Before you start designing your bathroom, there are some things you have to plan ahead of time. You have to plan or know the type of look you want and also the theme for your bathroom.

Once you have the plan or design that you want, it would be easier to commence work. These decorating tips we have put together will help you if you want an exquisite feel of luxury.

  1. Go for quality accessories, good lighting, and glass: The importance of quality can never be overemphasised. Without good lighting and quality accessories, you will be miles away from luxury. Glass interior can give you a luxurious and comfortable theme. Glass makes a room bigger and brighter not to mention the aesthetic value it brings. You can get a huge mirror to spice things up. For maximum effect, you need adequate lighting and a large glass wall on one side.
  2. Don’t use too many storage cabinets: This is one common mistake made by so many people — luxury doesn’t like clutter. Do not install too many storage cabinets in and around your bathroom. The most practical and neatest solution would be to mount a wall basin vanity unit with drawers.This would make sure that all toiletries are kept out of sight. You can also go for in-built storage with glass doors. Then you also have to try and keep the floor area clear. You should know that you can easily achieve a luxurious effect with glass shelves. You can find your things easily, and it also gives a neater look.
  3. Go for fancy taps and sinks: Have a picture of the kind of sink and tap design you want for your bathroom. If you choose unique designs and place things differently, you would get a luxurious effect. There are a plethora of fanciful and luxurious taps and sinks — carefully make your choice. You might not get the luxurious effect you desire if you use traditional sink designs. You can go for wall-mounted sinks without pedestal. You can choose deep end sinks if you have a larger budget.They would be installed in their casing. This will give the effect you crave for, the look and feel of a luxurious bathroom.

    If you want to make a huge difference to the overall feel of your bathroom; you can put a freestanding bath with a carefully chosen tap and also a large and frameless shower enclosure with hidden pipework and a large shower head.

    Another option is to go for a wet room type shower enclosure that has the shower tray flush with the floor. Adding a wall hung toilet with a hidden cistern would do justice to that space. When done as wall-mounted furniture, you would have a clean and streamlined bathroom. It would also be easier to clean this type of bathroom.

  4. The colour you choose matters: A luxurious bathroom always looks sophisticated, clean, and classy. This is the reason why your colour combination is important. Plan your colours smartly. You could go as far as hiring professionals to ensure you get it right. Most 5-star hotels use beige, light brown, white, or similar shades and colours to create a luxurious effect in their bathroom.You can choose shades of natural colours to fit the rest of the house and provide a luxurious effect. Bright colours won’t give you the same impression as mature or subtle shades. Also, it is important to match the colour scheme to the rest of your home’s pattern when choosing the colour combination for your bathroom. The size of the tiles should also be taken into consideration.

    The bigger the tile, the better it is. You can also combine big tiles with contrasting mosaic tile detail.

    Getting a luxurious look for your bathroom isn’t one of the easiest tasks in a home, but the result is definitely worth the stress. With a good selection of colours, a couple of fancy taps and a less cluttered arrangement, your bathroom will have a dazzling, luxurious look.

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Do ensure you hire professionals if you need more tips or help with any of the things above. Contact us at Paint Works London today, and we will transform that bathroom to a luxurious spot in your home.

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