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Top 5 Materials for Cosmetic Packaging in the Beauty Industry

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The packaging is an integral part of the product as it provides safety to the content. However, it is the right kind of material that has an important role in the containment and protection of the product. The beauty industry is a large sector that has a large number of customers. Brands are taking care of each consumer’s needs and requirements to remain in competition. There are various top-quality materials for Cosmetic Packaging that are sturdier in nature.

Cosmetics has numerous kinds of products like creams, lotions, skincare, makeup, perfumes, and a lot more. Not every material is suitable for each product. Different products have different kinds of material that is crucial from the aspect of usability. Here are the top five materials that are widely used for cosmetics in the beauty industry.

1. Metal

Cosmetic companies prefer metal for an elegant, premium, and sleek appearance. Two kinds of steel sheets: tin and aluminum are used for the metal packing of cosmetics. They are perfect for giving the premium quality look of the printing. That’s why they look appealing to the customers. Moreover, they are non-toxic for the cosmetic product as well as eco-friendly. Metal bottles are ideal for deodorant spray bottles as well as for dry powder products. Here are the pros of metal packaging.

  • Tin and aluminum are compatible with the products of cosmetics. It is the compatibility of the metal material that makes it suitable for beauty products.
  • It is less fragile and sturdier in nature which makes it suitable to endure the toughness of shipping. 
  • Metal provides protection to the content from temperature changes as it is resistant to it. 
  • For the customization of the packaging, they are perfect. Because they can easily be molded into any required shape like refillable containers, squeezable tubes, metal jars, and lip balm tins.

2. Glass

The glass packaging is suitable for perfumes, essential oils, skincare, and personal care products. For expensive cosmetics, they are excellent options. They come in tinted finishes, transparent, and frosted shades. Owing to their chemically inert properties, they are preferable for all kinds of cosmetic materials. Plastics and rubbers are not suitable for essential oils as they interact with them. This is the reason that they are stored in the glass Cosmetic Packaging. To prevent the breakage of the glass during shipping, they are wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap. Here are the advantages of the glass material:

  • They are durable and do not wear out easily even after various years of use. 
  • Glass is a sustainable packaging material as they are recyclable. The integrity and the quality of the material are not lost in the recycling process.

3. Paper

paper for cosmetic packaging

Paper material is the best alternative for unsustainable packaging. Cardboard boxes and cosmetic paper-based materials are preferable for various cosmetics. However, the most popular is paper filler. It produces zero waste due to its eco-friendly nature. The pros of the paper packaging are:

  • Paper is biodegradable as they are plant-based material. They decompose easily when disposed of.
  • They are refillable materials because they reduce waste.
  • The material of the paper box is recyclable and reusable because of its eco-friendly nature.

4. Shrink Wrap

It is a polyolefin film and PVC that has two main things: heat and plastic film. On bundles of various objects, they wrap around in any shape and size. On applying heat, they shrink and create tight fitting. They provide the sealed and the outer covering to the bundles and individual products during shipping. The benefits of the shrink wrap are:

  • Shrink wrap is economical as it reduces transport and storage costs. Even without boxes, objects remain close together.
  • They protect against dirt, moisture, and dust as they create a tight seal. Shrink wrap is resistant to the sun and provides protection from ultraviolet rays.
  • Companies prefer shrink wrap to deliver their products with the required diligence. As they are tamper-proofing.
  • They have zero waste and are fully recyclable.

5. Plastic

Plastic has the property of flexibility which is the requirement of most products. Moreover, it is cost-effective as compared to the other materials. That’s why, they are widely used material in Cosmetic Packaging despite the fact of their negative impact on the environment. However, there are some kinds of plastic materials that are recyclable like polyethylene terephthalate. The challenge of using plastic is that not all kinds are eco-friendly. Well, the advantages of the plastics are:

  • They are lightweight and flexible as well as they do not break easily.
  • Plastic is manufactured in various types of containers like jars, bottles, tubes, and vials.
  • The plastic material is durable and provides a strong durable option.

Concluding Remarks

There are various kinds of materials that are suitable for Cosmetic Packaging. Using the right packaging is crucial for cosmetics businesses. Because packing is not all about presenting an object. It does multiple functions like protecting the content from damage and the outer elements that could destroy the quality of the product. However, one element that customers look for in these boxes is eco-friendly. Brands are adopting all those kinds of material options that have all the qualities, especially sustainability.

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