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Top Growth Tips for 2020

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With the evolving technology, marketing tactics and tips are changing rapidly. Every year new tips become prominent, and old ones fade away. Following the old tactics can make you lose your current customers. Rather than using old tricks and tips for growth, it is time to switch in the new decade. Here we have gathered top tips to grow your business in 2020. 

Upgrade your sales pipeline

Constructing a pipeline for sales is not a new tip, and most marketers might have a great pipeline already. Though there is always room for improvement. Anyhow, many cases have been seen where most marketers fail to communicate with potential prospects. If you are having good leads already, the next thing you need to do is to build a relationship with them through constant engagement. 

Most marketers fail to engage with their prospects in fear of being annoying. Still, engagement doesn’t mean that you have to pitch sales every time. It can be just a courtesy call or asking them if they need help in solutions or even just checking in. 

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You can try various ways to engage with your prospects if they are not receptive to emails. You can engage with them through social platforms even. 

Optimize personalized page campaigns

Personalization will always be a cosmic growth tip. The personalized web pages, campaign, and customized ad are all remarkable ways to engage directly with the targeted audience. Instead of generic campaigns, personalized campaigns provide high conversion rates as well. 

For instance, which of the following statements looks more impactful?

    • With our Best time tracking app, you will always stay ahead of deadlines.
    • Using our time tracking tool, you can make sure that you find the time with your clients that fit both your busy schedules. 

Of course, the right answer would be the 2nd answer. Customization and personalization will continue to make an impact in 2020 as well. 

Expand your content marketing

Content marketing is the lord and all of us experience it whenever we search something on google. Content has always proven to be enjoyable and useful to consumers for business as well as pleasure. Each day new content is being developed to attract more organic traffic in order to convert them. The dilemma is, content is mostly not unique enough for the majority of writers. 

Thousands of blog content published every day, which makes them a generic trick to grow. But this year, content is changing from just blogs to new formats such as podcasts and video content. 

As written content is only able to attract just 15-20 seconds of concentration on average, people around the world are spending hours and hours on video content and listening to a podcast on a daily basis. It is time to do more than just written content. Organizations like Apple and Spotify are goldmines when it comes to organic traffic. 

Presently, there are more than 100 categories of podcasts on Apple, excluding SoundCloud and Spotify and other services.  

Today, every business can create attractive podcast content in order to drive more traffic, brand awareness and much more. If you are confused about what topic you should develop a podcast. Start by looking at your blog and analyzing the latest posts you have already written.

Build Brand Authority

Constructing a brand authority is itself. If you are working without any brand name or social appearance, your business growth can be extremely slow. Take an example of Hubstaff in terms of inbound marketing. 

Showcasing your brand sets you apart from your competition, and hence you attract new clients. In the present day, the most effective way to build brand authority is by becoming a source for journalists. Actually, you will have to provide bits of data to help improve articles for journalists. 

To articles for journalists, you can use HARO pitches. You just need to create a free account with HARO(Help a Reporter Out). Many journalists list their article topics and they often need advice from experts. You can also decide what niches you need to get notified about. 

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Wrap up 

If you want to grow your business in 2020, using old and repetitive tips is not the way to play.  Though you can still make use of some fundamentals and there will be many unique growth tips at your disposal. 



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