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Ultimate Guide and Techniques for Social Media Marketing for 2019

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The use of social media websites for the promotion of the products or services of a company is known as social media marketing. Social media marketing has become the strongest marketing techniques because it is the best way to find millions of customers. These social media platforms are also allowing the companies to run ad campaigns for the promotion of their products and services. There are lots of benefits of the social media marketing for the companies like it can increase the brand awareness, it can increase the search engine ranking of a website, it has higher conversion rates, it has better customer satisfaction, it can improve the brand loyalty and it is cost-effective for the companies. Different techniques are used for social media marketing. Here, we will discuss the most important techniques for social media marketing which are helpful in 2019.


Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is helping people in almost all fields of life. In 2019, most of the companies are also using artificial intelligence in order to run successful social media marketing campaigns. With the help of artificial intelligence, it is easy for the businessmen to analyze the consumer behaviour of the customers. It allows the businessmen to analyze consumer behaviour by enabling the search patterns. After gathering information about the behaviour of the customers with the help of artificial intelligence, they can easily target the consumers with the help of best and effective social media marketing strategy.



According to studies, it is observed that almost 64% of users like to buy the products after watching videos of these products. Therefore, if you incorporate the videos in your social media marketing strategy, it will be considered as a smart move to increase the sales of your products. It is also a fact that if you write a 1000 words post about the features of the specific product and you also make a 5 minutes video to describe the features of the specific product, you will see that most of your customers will like to get an idea about the features of your products by watching the video instead of reading the article. If we take an overview of the Research state, we come to know that more than 80% of the web traffic is projected through the videos.


Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing has also become a new trend in social media marketing. Influencer marketing means the use of influencers for the purpose of increasing the sales of your products and engaging more and more people in your products or services. An influencer is a person who has millions of followers and if you hire him for social media marketing, he will engage his followers in a topic relevant to your product or service. As we know that almost all the people are using social media and before purchasing any product or service, they try to get an idea about the views of their fellows on social media. If an influencer who is a trust-worthy person is providing positive views about a specific product, he can influence millions of people to buy and use your products. While doing influencer marketing, you should follow some strategies. First of all, you should define your audience. Secondly, you should discover the right influencers. Thirdly, you should monitor the influencers for opportunities. You should take some actions like to follow, share and link to the influencers in order to engage more and more customers. Fourthly, you should measure the results.


Set relevant and Realistic Social Media Marketing Goals:

Most of the businessmen are not able to run successful social media marketing campaigns. Its reason is that they come to social media for marketing but they don’t know how to do social media marketing. Therefore, if you want to run successful social media campaigns, it is necessary for you to set realistic and relevant social media marketing goals. The goals of social media marketing should be relevant to your business plan. While running the social media marketing campaign, you should make sure that your goals are SMART. It means that your social media goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. These goals are helpful for a company to increase brand awareness, to achieve a higher quantity of sales and to grow your fan base.


Investigate How Your Competitors Approach Social Media:

To compete the competitors is also an essential strategy to get success in the business. In order to increase the sales of their products, your competitors are also running social media marketing campaigns. Before running any social media campaign, you just need to take an overview of the successful social media campaigns of your competitors. This strategy will provide you with an idea of how potential customers are expecting from businesses in your industry. Therefore, you can also get access to these potential customers by using the same social media marketing strategy. This is also the best way to get an idea about the weak points of your competitor. For example, if your competitor is running the best campaign on Twitter, you can easily beat him by running the same campaign on Facebook or any other social media platform. Its reason is that your competitor’s social media campaign is weak on these social media platforms.


Do More Storytelling and Less Promotion:

If you are sharing lots of posts for the promotion of your products and services, it means that you will annoy your followers. Therefore, along with the promotion of your products or services, it is also necessary for you to provide education to your followers. For this reason, storytelling is the best option for you. Storytelling means that you should teach such things to the people which they don’t know. This is the best strategy to get the emotional responses of the followers. After getting emotional responses from the customers, it is easy for you to convince them to buy your products or services.


Virtual and Augmented Reality:

In order to appeal to the customers, you can easily get success through immersive experiences. For this reason, most of the businessmen are using the virtual and augmented reality. For the engagement of the audience, they can also use several brands. For example, if they want to shut out the physical world with the help of complete immersion, VR is the best strategy for them. On the other hand, if they want to add the live view of their brands, AR is the best strategy for them.


Live to Stream:

Form a couple of years, live streaming has also become a useful social media strategy to boost up the sales of the products or services of a company. That’s why more than 80% of the brand audiences like the live videos of their famous brands. Therefore, famous brands should also add live streaming in their social media strategies. In order to get the engagement of the people, you will have to become a master in live streaming. Its reason is that if the live streaming of a brand is boring for the audience members, they don’t like to watch it.


Increased Humanization:

It is a fact that people like to give a response to people. By humanizing your brand on social media is also an effective social media strategy to boost up the sales of your products or services. The best strategies to increase humanization with the customers are to give responses to their comments, try to share the user-generated content and try to like the positive responses of the customers. On the other hand, if the customers are facing some problems with your products, you should satisfy them with the help of appropriate responses.



Along with humanization, chatbots are also helpful for the businessmen to start communication with the customers. With the help of these chatbots, the businessmen should try to start communication with the customers by asking some questions about the quality of their products or by asking some personal questions. This will assure the customers that you are focusing on individualized customer service and support. Sometimes, there is also a possibility that the customers don’t find the best platform to ask some questions to you. Under such a situation, these chatbots are also helpful to you because these chatbots provide the best platform to the users to ask questions privately.



In order to increase the sales of the products or services of a company like dissertation writing service, it is necessary for us to use different marketing strategies. Among these marketing strategies, social media marketing strategy is getting more and more fame. Its reason is that it is the best platform to engage in plenty of potential customers. Some essential social media marketing techniques that are helpful for us in 2019 are to get help from the artificial intelligence, to upload videos, to use influencer marketing, to use virtual and augmented realities, to go for live streaming and to increase the humanization.

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